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Discussion in 'General' started by Budder81, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. I don't see too many threads about this, if any. Who here is on probation and what kind?

    I just received felony probation for 18 months and there's no way I can quit for that long. Is it possible to smoke weed during this time? Should I just smoke the whole time and clean my urine somehow? Or do probation officers let you smoke if you already have a medical card?
  2. i think a medical card would negate any THC they find in your urine/hair samples, and i would ask your PO, but before that i would get the card, so as not to bring suspicion to yourself.
  3. I've had the card since august of last year, so that's not a problem. Guess I need to actually ask my PO, which I'm afraid I already know the answer to.
  4. well, i'm sure it depends on the medical condition you have the card for. if it's something serious i can't see how they can take that away from you, its prescribed.
  5. I'd do it incognito and say that you were under the impression that since it was infact a perscription you would be in fact allowed to take your medicine.

    IMO not letting people take prescribed medicines because of their own personal beliefs is immoral, illogical, and a statement to our human rights.

    You have a license from a doctor to use marijuana just as I do, a doctor is risking his medical license by giving you that card - he wouldn't have given it to you if he didnt think marijuana helped you more than it harmed.
  6. i agree, and would think it be considered a cruel and unusual punishment.
  7. indeed, and im sure if he got a good enough lawyer they could make enforcing that rule a BIG deal in court

    Remember - the justice system is YOUR friend....learn how to use it to your advantage. It's what we need to do in times like this.
  8. Technically you are still breaking a law until it's changed on the federal level, I'd ask your PO but I'd suggest against using unless it's something absolutely necessary.
  9. if u have a medical card ur just golden u can do whatever otherwise i would suggest switching to like gold spice or something
  10. I have an appointment on monday, so I guess sunday will be my early april 20th celebration, if he says it's ok, then it's all good.

    However, I will probally fail my first drug test for sure, should I let them know?
  11. good luck and make sure you let your rights known and make sure you stick to the medical aspect before he tries to intimidate you
  12. Yeah talked to my probation officer, my recommendation does not fly in court :(. At least I can still celebrate april 20 one last time.
  13. Sucks man. You could always try the spice products.

    Nice signature, btw.
  14. What state are you in?I thought in Cali you could still use MMJ with a card while on probation?

    That suck's ass.
  15. Nope, MMJ cards do not work in court, sucks ass.

    I guess for the next year, I will drink and eat mushrooms.

    I also need to find an alternative to smoking weed (helps my anxiety) and now I am forced to take pills (great :().
  16. lawyer up and contact norml, especially if your medical condition is a severe one.
  17. I called my doc and he said it was up to the court, not the doc.

    I don't think I'm a severe case, although I do not function in society properly without weed... meds make me depressed.
  18. did u hear about the husband and wife couple that are probation officers and got caught using and growing???

    well i guess now they get what the deserved...destruction of life,privacy and work...that sounds about right...i guess all thats left is put them on weekly ua's and take money from them that they dont have because they are unemployed...

    acting all high and mighty because they went to a community college and got an associates degree in hypocracy...

    i hope they never get their jobs back obvisously they can talk the talk but cant walk the walk...maybe because they are high on pot???

    any qwestions...

    hypocrites all of them with their hookers and thivery...and lies

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