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  1. Im currently serving a 1 year supervised probation for a misdemeanor ecstasy charge. I get tested twice a month but i was wonderin if i cud blaze a week before test and pass? Ive passed with 10 days but not seven days. I weigh like 150 to 160 and am 5-9 and hav a fast metabolism. If any1 of you guys been on formal probation and blazed please present yourself and wat method u used to pass. I cant use any fake piss cuz they scope ur dick. Im not influencing any1 to blaze on probee and i wouldnt recomend it if u dont mind being sober.
  2. pleaze
    tha herb is calling my name
  3. omg, where do you live dude? They test you twice a month and look at your genitals while you piss? All for a misdemeanor charge? Seriously wtf? I'm happy I don't live there.
  4. I know you don't want to hear it but you should just try to wait it out if you get caught you be wishin you did
  5. anyone else?
  6. I guess that would depend on how often you currently smoke. If you get your tolerance back down to zero, you would be able to smoke one day and pass a drug test a week later. When I first started smoking I smoked about 3-4 days before an upcoming test. I bought 6 green teas and drank them all in a night. Of course I was up at least once every hour to pee while I was sleeping but it worked. Another thing you might wanna be cautious about is what you munch on (if you do). Eating foods with a lot of fat could add time to how long it's gonna take to be out of your system. Smoke one day (and one day only) and drink plenty of water for the rest and you will more than likely be fine. Fortunately for me I usually get saliva tests, and apparently even in heavy smokers it's out of your saliva within about 18 hours.
  7. last time i smoked was 11 days and a month before that. What kind of food should i not munch on? and plus i get lab urinalysis tests but friends of mine claim that they arent very great and take tons of niacin before them and pass. Before i was put on probation i would smoke 2 bowls on the week and about an eigth on the weekends.
  8. don't smoke unless it's a special occasion
  9. My friend that was on probation used to do it and passed everytime.
  10. Think of how crazy stoned you'll get when your probation is over if you don't smoke through the duration of it.

    That would be a blunt to remember. You spent (at least) the first 13-14 years of your life without marijuana, right? You can do it, weed isn't everything.
  11. why dont you wait 7 days, take the test, then smoke right after you take the test

    damn.... weeds not addictive at all to anyone :rolleyes:
  12. Forsure i got an eigth of northern lights ready to be toked after now 6 days but do u think that i can blaze 3 days out of 14 days? My next test is on da 21st of august. which is 2 weeks after my next one
  13. im on probation for a felony for 18 months and they just stand behind me, anyways i put bleach in eye drops and just put like 5 drops in the cup and u should be fine

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