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  1. Hey g.c my ladies have really shown some growth the last couple of days since I started using superthrive.can't believe it....however I do notice some dropping of her leaves, wondering if i am watering to much???
  2. It's possible that I'm over feedin..I have foliage feed only tho Whatcha think....
  3. How old are they? How often are you watering? What size pots you using? Should be watering every other day max.
  4. They r 13 days old...and there in small size pots right now n spraying them bout 3 times a day...not watering thru dirt leaves look a lil dropped
  5. It's average 86F. And 40% humidity
  6. stop spraying so much and start watering through the dirt. 13 days old? you really feed them for maybe another week. get you temps to 80 or below, and when you do water, let the soil completely dry out before watering again. depending on the size of your containers this could be anywhere from 2 - 7 days between waterings.
  7. Ok I've been tryin with these temps Idk its been tough to get even to 80
  8. do you have ventilation setup? whats your setup like?
  9. Well I do, but I'm working on Sumthin diff have air from in house thru box outside need to bring in outside air I'm working on it lol
  10. By the way they r clones
  11. you dont necesarrily need to bring in air from outside, but you do need to exchange the air, so air from another room besides the one your grow is in would be good. an easier solution is to exhaust the hot air to the outside or an attic or such to get rid of your heat problem.
  12. Ok ill try that

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