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  1. Yes or no? 3 weeks into veg
  2. Its great all through veg, and some people use it first 2 weeks into flower. I personally use it through veg, then flush for a week before flower. I've noticed B1 in a lot of high end Molasses bud fattening products, but I know that there is a lot more than just b1 in superthrive. Great for veg though!
  3. i only used it for my first 2 weeks, and clones
  4. If your going to veg for a while longer keep using it. Its pretty much b1. If your going to flower next week stop..
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    When should i startbflower there getting 4th set coming out now
  6. How big is your grow space? I usually start the flower 12-18 inches under a thousand watt in 3 gallons of soil. Blue dreams finish anywhere from 3 1/2 ft to 5 1/2 ft for me. I will sometimes have to grow some clones larger than others to get all to the height I want during flowering. I will cut off some of the bottom branches then swipe wounds with clonex. After words I will bury the taller plant a few inches deeper to keep everything level for flower. The lower branches that you removed will soon shoot roots. They will do this regardless of clonex use, but of course clonex will induce the onset of the roots quicker.
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    8ftx10ft shed, i already buried them lower but there kinda stuck as far as growing goes, getting 3rd n 4th set of leaves and are bout 4-6in tall in a 2 gall pot
  8. 2 gallons is plenty of medium for a plant that small. It sounds as if you possibly have salt build ups in your soil, in which case you need to do a flush. If you have been feeding them nutes every feed then you need to get some clear x, or at the least flush with at least 6 gallons of 6.5 ph'd water.
  9. True ill prolly flush when i can get back to my spot mothersday got me out of town

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