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  1. Hey guys i got some superthrive solution but im nt sure how much i shud add to a litre. The bottle says 1ml per gallon but im not sure if this would be the right amount for "tomatoes".

    Can anyone give me a recommended amount to add to the water and how often to use?

  2. 1/4tsp per gallon (or 4 litres)

  3. ???? You use 1 drop per gallon or at least thats ther way I have always used it.

  4. Penelope is right, I use 1/4 tsp. per gallon never had any problems. Superthrive is great shit.
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    ive used up to 3cc/ml per gal w/ great results, but its 1cc/ml per gal
  6. idk, it says 1/4tsp per gallon on my bottle...
  7. The real superthrive is only 1 drop per gallon, says right on the bottle.
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    When the instructions say one drop I think it means 1 small dropper dropper full, which usually equals 1/4 teaspoon or 1 ml. per gallon.

    This is a picture similar to what I use.

  9. Maybe this will help.


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  10. 1 Gallons (US) = 58368.02835 Drops

    So its close to a drop which you cant do without your
  11. Here are the directions from my bottle:



    So it's one drop if you're using it daily. Otherwise, it's 1/4tsp per gallon.
  12. Thats how I have always used it, one dropper full (1/4 tsp.) per gallon, once a week.
  13. yeah I just put a drop in every gallon that the plants get no matter what.

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    I take your word hashmouf, much respect grower and hashmaker. See this is why i started the thread, there are 2 quantities on the bottle, 1 if using once a week for stiff plants or something and 1 if your using every watering. So i was confused.

    Fucking hate hangovers.

    Is superthrive actually THAT good?

  15. Yes. Many growers swear by it, both growers of weed and of other indoor plants. It gives your plants much needed trace minerals that arent always provided in your regular nutrients that help promote strong stems and healthy leaves. I use it everytime I feed my plants, a quarter teaspoon per gallon of water, along with my regular nutrients, and if in flowering, I add another teaspoon of unsulphered molasses, which supposedly helps to fatten buds. There are all kinds of great things that you can give your plants.
  16. It sounds good. I was asuming it was coz everyone says they uses it with their nutes and its been around since 1940, so id assume its not some piece of shit thing that does fuck all to your plants :D
  17. 1 teaspoon = 5 ml

    Surely I am not the only person around here who can Google.
  18. SuperThrive is one drop per gallon. Not one DROPPER. RTFM.

  19. I posted photos of TFM above, and it says 1/4 tsp per gallon :rolleyes:

  20. lol best ever

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