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  1. okok.. after hearing some good things about this from a couple of people, i was wondering if ne1 at the city could help me out with a couple of questions...

    1. Is it a "fertilizer" per se? or just a hormone? also, can it be overused?

    2. What is its actual effects on plants? ie: does it increase yield, or growthrate, or have an effect on internodal length?

    3. Could anyone with personal grow stories about this seemingly "wondersupplement" give me any personal outtakes and experience with superthrive?

    once again, thx all,

    peace and karma,

  2. I used ThriveAlive, it's basicly the same thing and it just promotes great growth..couple drops per liter should do the trick. It's also good to use for cuttings.
  3. sounds good!

    how well did it work for you exactly tho, as i dont want to be drenching my plants in anything thats not all natural untill i find out if its really worth it...

    thx, peace and karma,

  4. It should tell you on the box, most people just use a few drops per gallon anyway...the stuff is too expensive to be using any more than that.
  5. Some report an increase with Hermis by using the hormone superthrive.
  6. Someone told me that SuperThrive is actually a carcinogen and I was like "WTF?!" But then again what isn't these days lol.
  7. hmm... well, i duno about using this hermi inducing, cancer causing wonderhormone on my babies anymore...

    ive heard some pretty good things about it tho.. wasnt it woody who used it on his plants?

    maybe ill pm him..

  8. from what I've seen, superthrive shouldn't be used before flowering, it promotes hermies
  9. ive talked to woody, and if youve seen his plants, youll know what im talking about when i say, "WoW"

    ive heard much more good than bad about this supplement, and ive decided to use it, thx for the help and suggestons all,

    pece and karma,


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