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  1. I had a old timer yesterday say he swears by it and that all he uses. I was browsing through the advance forums and some one else brought it up today. I have looked on line and can't find much In terms of it use on mj. The label really doesn't even say much of what is in it. Any thought would be nice.
    It looks like its just a b-vit and a micro nutrient.
  2. Any one. I know we got some smart blades over here.
  3. I use it on all my plants including MMJ.
    Have used it for 30 years no matter what I grow, tomatoes, strawberries, ect
  4. Most ppl on here will say its not needed..I've heard b vitamins do nothing for the plant and have heard its only necessary if they are stressed..and everyone will tell you it's not good to use by itself so find a good nute with complete n-p-k..Lucas formula is cheap and good for beginners
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    I'v never heard to not use it... But who could read everything on GC? :cool:

    OP, Not everything works for everybody.... Experiment :D
  6. [quote name='"RC Flyer"']I'v never heard to not use it... But who could read everything on GC? :cool:

    Not everything works for everybody.... :D[/quote]

    Do you notice a difference? I've used it and stopped because I couldn't really tell
  7. I really wasn't planning on using it. It was this old timer that swears it all he uses and it's the best. I really just couldn't understand how because there was no NPK in it.
  8. Without a control group(grow) it's hard to say if it helps or not. I was told to use it years ago and I haven't tried growing with out it.

    So in the end, yes, it works (for me).
  9. I use it when transplanting to help reduce shock. That's all I use it for.

  10. Always use some at this stage, always!
  11. I use liquid karma and molasses for my transplants with great results I used to use super thrive but found it to be unneccesary. Just another bottle I don't need to waste money on cause a well balanced organic soil that is alive along with teas to boost it trumps that shit anyday so don't waste your money on snake oil.
  12. For $10 a bottle (lasts a full grow if not longer) I would not stop using it because someone called it "Snake-Oil"
  13. [quote name='"RC Flyer"']For $10 a bottle (lasts a full grow if not longer) I would not stop using it because someone called it "Snake-Oil"[/quote]

    But I would consider not using it if your growing organically ;)
  14. I use it for clone spray and transplanting
  15. If your using an Aero cloner you don't need anything but water. KISS
  16. Yup. I use a bubble cloner based off of rumpleforeskin's design over in the DIY forum, but still do dip in olivias. The folks over in the Organics forum will tell you, superthrive is blech, yucky poison. Heavy metals? Dont remember exactly but its widely hated on over there...
    Ultimately unnecessary, too, as a good compost tea is probably the best root inoculant/stress reducer for transplanting. IMO, anyway.. I do use a B1 supplement sometimes too, as well as mycos powder, and never have I seen transplant shock from this approach
  17. Theres a
    Couple other good superthrive threads already up i think broskey search superthrive:D
  18. Search is down ^^
  19. I was gonna say that in the measgae that search may b down (couldnt remember) :( never fear! Google is here! Go google n type grass coty superthrive:D
  20. I use it and it makes for a good, strong root system. Also helps out stressed out plants.

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