Superthrive and Vegemite?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hippie john, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Ever noticed that superthrive smells disturbingly close to Vegemite (dont know what vegemite is? ask an aussie:D)

    Does this mean that SuperTrive is mainly composed of yeast extract?


    That vegemite is packed full of root development hormones?

    *pondering thought*

  2. 2 out of 6 aussies said it did not smell like vegiemite[l shoved it under their noses ] :D.lnteresting line of thinking though....l,d just about garuntee that it wouldn,t do any harm ,lol.
  3. lol, i've had that crap, it's like eating processed seaweed
  4. i love vegemite.... might test it on a plant... or test eating some superthrive on toast.....:D
  5. yeah i was gonna post about that before hippie, it does smell like vegimite to me......first thing i noticed about out.......Sid

    ps did you's notice that the company wouldn't be able to get one more ad on that little bottle if they tried.......they're everywhere........guaranteed to make your crop grow.......used by the forrestry commision, the army etc..........the only ones who haven't used it are
  6. vegiemite also continues to grow great aussies ,vegiemite and milo the heath food of a nation :D
  7. critter: yeah, i love milo also... im an aussie at heart (wait, my dad is from aus.. so i guess im half aussie (and his parent are from scottland))

    sid: i also hear that they have a special arrangment where they dont have to prove anything they say on the bottle... like they are exempt from the normal law of false advertising... doesnt give ya much confidence it its use... but the clones are loving it.. so it must work:D
  8. tommorow im gonna fertilize one of my 4 soil clones with a diluted vegemite solution....

    if there is something potentially deadly that someone knows about vegemite... let me know before my plant dies of a yeast extract solution tommorow.... if not.... i'll let ya know how it goes:D
  9. lts only vegietable extract[​IMG].Heres another use for vegiemite containers [gotta recycle my friends]

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  10. by accident :D

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  11. yeah, i made an ultra portable bong from a vegemite container..... assembled in 30 seconds and disassembled in 10:D
  12. what is vegamite?
  13. comment about superthrive.

    my guess is that its a whole crap load of Bcomplex vita's.

    and yeast solutions are usually a great source of B's.

    but im sure impressed with the stuff. im hooked

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