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  1. 8.10.12

    11 of 12 seeds germinated within "The First 48"...
    1 Dud. Replaced Dudley w/ hopefully, a not-so-dud.

    Saturated medium until 10% runoff. Planted germinated seeds.

    Medium: 1.5 FFLW - 1 FFOF in 1G Planters
    Temp: 77 - 90

    Stay tuned...

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  2. What r u using for a mini sun?
  3. 8 x 54W T5 Fluoro Tubes
  4. You should of planted them in small pots because every time you water your are going to waste nutes, other than that look good.
  5. 8.11.12

    72 hours, 8/12 have sprouted.
    88-90 degrees/35-45%RH

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  6. 8.18.12

    9 out of 12 sprouted but germ'd extra 3 to make it an even 12. by the time they sex, hope theyll all be fem but just in case i planted 12.

    meh babies are each growing at a different pace. this was expected since they are all variants of the same kush strains.

    wont nute bomb until closer to 3 weeks in; soil has enough diluted nutrients to last for another week or so depending on the frequency of watering.

    planning on either LST or FIM...any suggestions?

    watering 50-300ML daily depending on soil moisture content (good ol scientific finger fuck method aka GOLSFFM), humidity & temp.

    90 degree's avg.
    40% humidity avg.

    leave your comments below, thx.

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