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Super's Master Kush (600w RDWC, 4x4 tent)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by superusa, May 24, 2010.

  1. great pictures. I've never seen how the supercroping is done, and the effect it has on a plant in the few days after the procedure. very interested in how much stress it causes. what i can see in the pictures the bend looks pretty soft. I'm guessing you pinch the area a bit to soften her up before you bend, to avoid snap/cracking the stem. keep up the good work.
  2. This looks like a hell of a grow, nice work man. The plants look great, the rdwc looks like it's done the job quite well. Pulling up a chair. :cool:
  3. I had to supercrop on my last run too, it actually barely slowed it down. within a day or two the stem had started curling back up toward the light. I hope it works like that again lol. Yes I pinch the stems to soften them, although they still crack a little when bending them over. What can you do? Didn't seem to have any bad effect last time....

    Thanks appreciate it. Knock on wood this system seems to be working out really well so i will probably stick with it. I mean the plants have only been in there for 34 days including veg, i couldn't ask for faster growth and the maintenance is pretty damn low. I spend more time taking pics than I do adjusting the system. I really owe alot of thanks to people on this board and others for sharing their rdwc designs and grows.
  4. Well I decided to give the girls a haircut. Take a look tell me what you guys think...

  5. Looks good bro! That otta contribute to larger, denser buds!

  6. I hope so. I don't usually plan on trimming, but it is obvious when there is no light penetration. Just becomes a breeding ground for the PM upsets me when I see it lol.
  7. They look great man, absolutely amazing. I'm the same way about pruning. I don't ever set out to do it, but I've noticed that it really helps the growth along on the main colas. Love the pics by the way, really nice quality. :smoke:

  8. I am really hoping they come out with a nice yield. After my last grow where the 2 plants just took over (which didn't end up being a bad thing), I think I got these the ideal height that i was looking for, so hopefully the trimming is not detrimental and the light starts penetrating a good 12-18" down into the plant. Only one way to find out I guess so I just rode with it. All other things equal I am very pleased with this grow so far, so long as the yield comes out nice i will be happy....
  9. They look good all groomed up. i agree with Dr. It should help the plant focus more energy on those main tops and fatten them up real nice. Looking great bro!
  10. Those are some healthy looking ladies...i hope mine come out as well
  11. It looks like they are still kickin after the trim so hopefully the light will help:

  12. How tall were your babies at 18 inches
  13. You mean at 18 days of veg? 15-18" tall I would guess. You can see the first page shows pics at 18 days of veg.
  14. So what would you consider good growth an inch a day?
  15. just saw your thread... all i have to say is damn.. 18 days and some sick growth like that... amazing. What light schedule did you have in veg? 24/0 ?
  16. An inch a day in veg, faster in flower

    Thanks, and the veg light cycle was 18/6
  17. Very nice grow.:hello:

    Did you start from clone or seed?
  18. He started from clone. day 18 from seed isn't that tall ( from experience).

    sweet. How much bud you lookin to get off of those mks?
  19. If they are respectable yielders I would guess at least a pound. I think 4 zips a plant is about normal in proper hydro with plants this size. If I was running 4 cali-o again, i would be saying a pound and half plus, but i have not run this MK before.
  20. Hell yea, looking good bro! Those buds are starting to bulge up. i love watching plants mature. especially ones as healthy as yours. i think you'll get closer to 1 1/2 lbs.

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