Supernatural Stoner Stories

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WeknowyouEd, May 20, 2013.

  1. I'm just getting back into smoking after 12 or so years off. I was thinking back to my "Glory Days" and had a cool story to share. 
    We were riding into the city in an old Delta 88. We'd gotten pretty lit up on the drive in. We were going to see the movie Four rooms in the theater for about the 100th time.
    Passing by the local high school we saw an older homeless gentleman hitchhiking. We pulled over and picked him up. He said;
    "I've been waiting forever for someone to pick me up"
    We had a nice chat with him. He was a pretty cool guy. We pulled up to his destination and he got out, said thanks and shut the door.
    Now every single one of us in the car swears to this day that as soon as the door shut he disappeared. We immediately jumped out of the car and he was no where around. We have no idea what happened. Again we were extremely high. I have no idea if we all just zoned out at the same time long enough for him to walk off, or if he just vanished into thin air.
    Anyone else have a supernatural stoner story to share?


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