Superman Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by thenolan, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. best shit ever
    i smoke a 3 gram blunt of 1 gram superman weed (white weed with blue and red hairs) 1 gram of orange crush and one gram of good ass white dro
    never been this high ever superman weed is the shit im pickin up a half o for sure
  2. Can you give me a genetic profile of this so I can verify the strain? thxplzbye
  3. what do you mean?
  4. Looks like another case of dealerwantstomakemoremoneyitus
  5. Pretty much :\

    I need pictures of this "white weed".
  6. Hahah, thenolan is confuzzled.

    Basically theres no way of verifying if that strain is actually superman, or if a superman strain actually exists. Unless your dealer knows the grower, and the grower bought specific seeds from a retailer, than the strain name is probably fake. If the day you bought that bud the dealer told you it was white widow, you woulda made this same post but replaced superman with white widow.
    What im saying is dealers call their bud a certain strain to increase hype about it and increase sales/prices. Also, the quality of the high and smoke of your bud has little to nothing to do with the strain, if its good bud then it just means whoever grew it, grew it well, regardless of what strain it was.
  7. I think he is just blatently lying. Because there is no way he got white weed with red and blue hairs unless his dealer used ood coloring or something..
  8. Probably called Superman because it makes you think you can fly.

    Might not want to smoke it near any ledges or 3rd story windows.

  9. Shhhhhhh, let natural selection do its job.
  10. It's all just marketing. If someone goes as far as calling it Superman weed, you know you're getting fucked over.:p And a vast majority of your high is psychological, you only think you're really stoned. Now, if he is able to tell you what species it is, it would sound a lot more logical and convincing, well, to me, that is.:p

    What he calls superman weed, it would probably just be called chronic around here.
  11. Well I actually got 'white' weed once. It just had a whole lotta crystals though and had a white tint. As far as blue hairs Ive never seen them
  12. u want some superman weed u need to lace ur shit with angel dust, u'll be superman alright haha

    but yea, dealers makeup shit alot of the time, haha even i've done it i had some stinky ass mids that i sold for 40 a cut as "homegrown skunk", i wasnt really sellin, i jus happend to have it n people called lookin for bud so i made a profit
  13. Yea, Ive seen white buds too, but white buds AND red and blue hairs... haha.
  14. and there was some white dro in there the shits great :rolleyes:

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