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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Namynam, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Whats your piece look like?
  2. i second this request.
  3. Yeah I always wondered what "the man" smoked out of. Interesting. Glass,wood,hookah,bong,metal. Who knows.
  4. What piece? He probably just smokes super joints all day. :) Hah, but yeah, for real. I'm interested too.
  5. I only smoke joints, hand rolled. Pure, no tobacco!


  6. Nice, and preference on papers?
  7. i figured you only smoke J's, It seems like alot of you folk across the pond smoke alotta joints! wat ever gets you high, keep tokin
  8. Yea, I love joints... They are the most convenient too. But I would still rather hit a glass piece :)
  9. How do the majority of you like to smoke yer joints...over here in europe its mostly big long ones with tobacco... i know in the states that you normally smoke one skinners with no tobacco..

    whats your preference folks....
  10. right on

    no tobbaco im in the states i never smoke my joints with tobbaco in them ..if i wanted to smoke tobbaco i would smoke cigs
  11. i just recently tried a marijuana tobacco mixed joint. It tasted like crap, haha.. never again!! how do you guys over in europe do it? I think it totally ruins it. I still got high, but i cringed on every hit... it was probably just the cig tobacco i mixed it with, i might have to try some flavoured tobacco sometime...
  12. wow this thread was a let down
  13. im sorry i love joints as mucha s the next person
    but come on a nice tall glass bong hit is where it is at my friend, when i come home aftera long day i dont want to spend my time rolling a joint, when one hit on my 2 footer will rip me for the a good hour

    has any opne tryed the firecracker bowl?
    its where you load a blunt in a BONG BOWL and pack pot around the base so its air tight and when the blunt burns down it lights the bowl, it rules cuz your smokinga blunt bong bowl you will be so gone

  14. yeh i've done the same thing in a hooka with 4 people hitting I must say, :)
  15. i'm gunna have to say i prefer the use of a stone pipe, just something about them when you are hitting multiple bowls ... they dont heat up as bad as metal, and as for glass, well, i've lost 3 glass pipes to idiots dropping them, so i stay away from that. J's are ok, but i dislike the taste of paper.
  16. damn, i love joints and the taste is so different it's good to have a jay once in a while. if you don't like the taste try flavoured papes. they burn fast and don't stick as well as normal papers but damn they're tasty!
  17. Here in Holland > almost everybody smokes it with tobacco.

    Smoke it pure > try it here. I don't wanna brag, but I've seen some guys from the States completely wasted. "I'm gonna smoke a pure one..." 30 minutes later, they couldn't even spell joint anymore...

    Nice White Widdow with half a cigarette... does the trick for me!
  18. im a pipe man

    i love to get mashed, but slowing and peacefully with my pipe. just going thru the night slowly it keeps me going longer.
  19. there's your answer girly.

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