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  1. hey superjoint! i know your busy. so when u reply is no big deal. i'm having problems with the media mix. for some reason i got the xmass carol vid but none of the others. is there a reason or something on my end i can do. i have a DSL connection. no rush, reply when u have some time. thnx.
  2. Hey daisey!

    It works fine, but you must have windows media player installed version 7 or higher

    Let me nkow if that helps


  3. well i've been trying to download all this stuff and lol i think it's time to upgrade a little. i don't have windows 98 se, so i can't download the player.i've got wind 98. but that's alright, i did get a chance to check the vids out on a friends puter. lol. such creative minds.

    if u or onyone knows if i can download something to play the vids that would be great. thnx superjoint!
  4. what format are the vids in? maybe quicktime could play them?
  5. format? lol u already lost me. i have no clue.

  6. i just downloaded it. wasn't even lookin for it. lol. works great thnx!!
  7. FYI

    I believe the new version of windows media player includes something that tries to detect if a file you're viewing is copyrighted....

    If it is it somehow tags it so that the file is no longer sharable (like P2P).

    I have not noticed it doing this myself, and I hear the new version of win media player can not be uninstalled. If you want it gone you have to wipe your whole system.

    This is coming from the discussion forum at bearshare.

    I already downloaded the newest version and it hasn't made my files unsharable. Of course, they also are talking about ISP cutting off services from those who share copyrighted material, so I pretty much only share non-copyrighted shit.

    750k connection can raise some eyebrows at the isp, I'm sure. My download/upload statistics were too high for the bearshare program to keep track of how many megs I had shared.

    Just a tidbit about windows media player. From the grapevine. lol

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