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  1. I ordered abong of the grasscity website and the order said not available right now please try again. so I tried a few more times and after It still didn't work I noticed grasscity charged me for 500$! the grasscity phone number won't pick up I've gotten no email from the grasscity team. Please help my bank says I've lost 500 dollars for nothing!
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  2. I wasn't able to find anything about incorrect billing, I need to contact the support team so I can get my money back.
  3. Hello ,

    We are sorry that you faced an issue.

    After receiving such complains , our IT department investigated and found a bug which causes payment respond not arriving to our store accurately on rare cases. IT department applied a fix to prevent this issue happening again. IT department passes their apologies for causing any inconvenience

    You can contact our support team from Grasscity.com support or you can also choose to send a bit further information to me via Private message so i can pass it to our support teams attention.

    We are sorry that you had bad experience with Grasscity shop , please rest assured that our support will fully support you through the process.
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  4. What next step should I take to get my money back? The order never went thought but I was charged multiple times I really need the money that was taken and I'm really freaking out
  5. Please check my respond above
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  6. Thankyou alot for your support I will be messaging you!
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