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Superjail! while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mariskana, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so I've been toking for awhile. Recently, I invited my friend to smoke. He's a noobie, and I had to show him the basics and stuff. After awhile, he kept saying he wasn't stoned (he was OBVIOUSLY baked). He wanted more hits, so I obliged. Again, he kept saying he wasn't stoned and wanted more, to which I warned him about smoking too much. Nonetheless, we both toked more. Now like I said, I'm pretty experienced so I could handle more.

    After we were both good, I suggested watching videos on youtube. We turned off all the lights, and I turned on Superjail!, thinking it would be really funny. Unfortunately, it was a horrible experience for my friend, a "bad trip" if you will. A minute in, he was hysterically laughing his ass off. A few seconds later however, his laughter turned into crying. He was really disturbed what he saw. In his fit of panic, he urinated himself and just curled up on the couch. He couldn't speak for awhile.

    Once we had turned on the lights, he kept asking me if the video was used as an experiment to test the affects of drugs. He was convinced that I had a conpiracy against him and was using the video to record his reaction. Now you can understand how scared I was at this point, being stoned and all. We only watched about a minute and a half of the video, and he said that he kept having blackouts and memory lapses. I apologized and regretted showing him the video, but he said it wasn't my fault. I still feel bad though. I really thought it would be funny, I definately did. So I hope you guys learn from my mistake and DON'T watch trippy shit with noobies!

    Anyways. here is the video:
    [ame=]YouTube - Superjail.[/ame]
  2. Alice is always so hot.

    Makes me hard.
  3. Superjail while sober is still super trippy and fucked up
  4. It's not funny to give a four year old a prostitute for her birthday. And then have her die.
  5. Watch it on acid.

  6. ^^^Napoleon
  7. Yeah I've been watching it high since it came out I love superjail lol.
  8. Just watched TRIPPY AS FUCK..I can understand why a noobie freaked.
  9. What's superjail? Lol
  10. Wellllll life on the outside a'int what it used to be!

  11. A cartoon about a super violent prison with a narcissistic warden. Usually it starts with the warden coming up with some grand plan while his assistant Jarrod begs him not to do it and tries to tell him its a bad idea but the warden carries out the plans anyway. Usually leading up to a "climax" in the story where everything goes to hell and the cartoon turns into a "bad trip" with trippy flying eyeballs and demons and all kinds of shit start destroying the prison and ripping the prisoners to shreds, usually the prisoners go from fighting off the things in the bad trip to cannibalism,stealing,and killing each other. Pretty much everything goes to hell, irony is that Jarrod usually gets killed or severely maimed while trying to save the Warden or do something he asks him to do.Yet somehow the Warden always manages to slip by unscathed and Jarrod ends up suffering further. You have to lack empathy and be pretty numb to violence and atrocities or you will probably find it pretty fucked up. But if you're a little off in the head to begin with its just a visual feast and 15 minutes of laughing at others misfortunes. Its just a cartoon though, no reason to freak out :p

    Seriously though don't watch it with your parents or your friends that are prone to freaking out about crimes against humanity and chaos because they will not like it at all. To most people it would be really disturbing but to some its just funny, like I said earlier, its just a cartoon, no reason to act retarded.Its pretty much everything that the world sees as "bad" or "evil" like homosexuality,transvestites,murder,genocides,killing in the most cruel ways imaginable,rape,disease,torture,I think we've seen some satanism,ect..
  12. That reaction was pretty extreme, it's just a cartoon. I love it,
  13. Watches a tiny bit on YouTube,skimmed through it,pretty funny,confusing story but funny lol,duno if it was the real thing but I might watch again,cartoons these days lol
  14. #15 TeHNeutral, Mar 23, 2013
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    One of the absolute most weird things I have ever seen whilst high is malice in wonderland.
    I can't post it here because it's a load of weirdly drawn sexual organs or whatever the fuck is going on but yeah, it's on youtube.

    Not for people who don't like mind fucks.
    Oh I should mention I was on a little more than just smoke.
  15. I got my buddy high for the first time a couple years back. After he hit it a few times he started coughing super bad and told me it was cus he had asthma. He got all scared he was going to have an asthma attack from the smoke. Then he basically went to bed. Needless to say the next day he cried cus he promised his mom he would never do "drugs" and he thought he had destroyed his whole life by smoking weed.
  16. I have asthma n been smoking fr 5 years, I vape now, well smoking for 4,vaping for 1, hel be fine, it's actually good for his lungs, trust me, I can't afford to even try anything lol hel be ok get him to vape itl help with his asthma-same eth smoking but itl irritate them a bit
  17. It's a bronchial dilator it opens up his airways itl help him breath trust me
  18. Yea he kind of overreacted.

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