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Supercross while tripping

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone.....

    Unfortunately I don't remember most of last night, but I'll try and piece it together for you. I took about 30mg (I think it was a little bit more than 30) of 2c-i at maybe 4:30. This time I just dumped the powder into a little bit of Pepsi and downed it. This method worked a lot better than gelcaps, because it actually started to kick in within a half hour. About an hour into it I was already seeing very vivid patterns on everything.

    I was driving with my friends to go to the mall to get tickets to the Palace of Auburn Hills for the Freestyle MotoCross they had going on. So we smoked a joint on the way there and that intensified the trip a LOT. Patterns were overlayed onto everything that I looked at, I just couldn't escape them. Then we got to the mall. I didn't remember going there until early this morning. Right now I would have to retract my earlier statement that 2c-i would be a good trip in public. I was extremely paranoid. I was semi-comfortable because I had 3 friends there with me, but I just felt scared as hell. I thought everybody was staring at me, and I had an ever present feeling that all the security guards in the mall were out to get me. We passed by this one stand that they have in the middle of the hallways, and this guy reading a book looked up at my group of friends, then looked at me and got this huuuuge grin on his face and just started laughing. That scared the fuck out of me!

    So after talking with friend's friend that works at Hot Topic about the trip and 2c-i we went to another store that our friend works at. Talked to him about 2c-i and when he asked for my phone number I completely forgot it. So we walked around for I dunno how long, then left to go to another friend's house. Smoked another joint on the way there, which took the trip up a few notches again. Then we left to go to the Palace to see the FMX competition.

    No offense to any hicks/rednecks on the forums, but that place was fucking FILLED with hicks. We had 5 rows of dirty ass hicks sitting in front of us that kept getting kicked out of their seats because they didn't have the tickets for them. Then this dirty redneck sitting next to me kept staring at me with a dirty look. I just wanted to turn to him and say "FUCK OFF you dirty piece of shit! I'm trying to have a good time, so why don't you do the same you fucking hick!", but I thought it wouldn't be a good idea seeing as how we were surrounded by them....

    So overall the trip was very, very, very intense. It lasted just about a full 7 hours, and I was still seeing vivid patterns until I went to sleep at 1:30. Way more intense than the 20mg trip I had on Monday. From now on whenever I do 2c-i I'm going to make sure that I'm somewhere comfortable and not in public.
  2. Sucks that your experience wasn't that good (at least from how I read it). I went to a motocross race on weed once. Kinda sucked that it was really hot and humid outside (I'm a winter person), but it was a cool experience. I'll never forget the "amped-up kids" there... the ones tearing it up on the tiny bikes, whose helmets as big as than they are...
  3. man i need to get me some 2c-i, or 2c-b sumthin i need to trip!

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