Supercropping went BAD

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Theprox, Sep 3, 2017.

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  3. As long is it doesnt look like its withering away i wouldn't worry and may i ask ur light cycle.?
  4. 18/6
  5. It will do great as long as it's not wilted. You may need to support it somehow

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  6. Your plants have bigger concerns. You need more light they have stretched too much
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  7. Yeah the picture I posted was from a few days ago. They're being supported with boxes
  8. The picture was from a few days ago, the branches are slowly branching to the light. The LED was lowered
  9. For the future you don't Supercrop like that, you went to far down the Colas. Try and tape it up with duck tape and if you have any zip ties to help support. I would try and lift them up a little at a time so you don't snap Anything. Can you get a close up of where you Super cropped at. There not going to raise back up unless you do it. Try to get it to stand up then tie it so it stays pointing up towards the light. Just make sure you support it Good enough!
    Good Luck

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  10. It won't do Great sitting like that! What kind of light you using?

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  11. Thank you for the helpful advice. But I have a 2x4x5 tent so the plants were VERY tall in the tent. That's what I supercropped like that.

    Now I have a lot of space. They were intended to be outside but I ended up putting them in the tent.

    Correcting them upright would be the opposite of what I want.

    What do you think?
  12. Not to be too negative or redundant but...
    They were getting too tall because they were not getting the light they needed. So your next move was to snap the main stem of a butt-ugly, sparse plant thinking that was the way to improve it. Me thinks you need to spend some time here or somewhere and do a bunch of reading.
    While someone has already mentioned the issue with your "supercrop"ping I figured I would let you in on a similar technique that think would have served you better... Most every grow when my plants reach a certain height I top the whole plant, cutting the main stem's top node or two off. I then bend (LST, not break) the whole plant over until it is horizontal with the ground (similar to yours ;) This usually gives me from a nice array of decent size colas.
    Here is the current at 3.5 weeks of flawa...
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  13. First grow ever here so I'm not 100% with what I'm doing. Everything is a learning experience. And like I mentioned above, these 2 plants were intended to grow outside. They were on the porch getting whatever light they could. Then I last second decided on buying a tent & just throwing these 2 girls in there.

    I was left with no option. Even LST was too late for such a thick stemmed plant. I tied them down the first day and they were STILL too tall for the tent.
  14. 2 300 watt LEDs
  15. You may be right...I have snapped a few doing it my way but generally because I have been overzealous. When I do, if the snap is bad...I will just top it there and let it fly.
  16. Yeah, so what should I do? They're not looking too good. It's been a few days since the snap. They aren't flourishing and bright green like they use to .

    If they can be healthy again & fit in the tent I'd be okay with that.
  17. Cut the top off of each as you don't want that as your terminal any more. As some suggested, you may want to support it a little. Because your break is where it is I don't believe you have much choice but watch and wait. MJ is pretty amazing in it recouperative abilities. Give it some time.
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  18. ...and/or take a clone or two and start over, chocking it up to experience.
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  19. Lesson learned never super cropp get more lightning try LST next tyme

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  20. That's what I was thinking. The plants would've been useless even if I didn't super crop them. They simply didn't fit.

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