Supercropping question ??

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  1. so I've done this to many plant now previous grows with fantastic results n have just started on current grow but something interesting is happening :)
    On the branches I've so far done I've noticed that all nodes above the break are growing 3 branches now instead of 2 lol never had this happen before now looks kinda cool n gonna lead to a massive plant in a few more weeks
  2. I usually reveg now the plants potential is dramatically increased[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Don't be such a tease and show us some pics :p
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  5. My yeild on this one just potentially rose by a third hahaha as now have 3 branches at each node above the break ;) which I will most deff be exploiting to my advantage aha
  6. Ok
    give us a minute I shal take some ;)
  7. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg As can see only branch I've supercroped on this side has 3 leaves n 3 branches lol I've just transplanted tonight into the 50lt tub an will be supercropping rest of plant in a week or so and tieing whole thing down to oper her right up ;)
  8. image.jpeg If was teasing woulda asked that question n accidently posted pick of my other girl ;)
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  9. Reveg is not something Iv really done before n currently mostly grow autos with one photo being the one I'm posting about lol but I've found with the autos I'm getting massive yeild increases using heavy suppercroping and don't have stress of hermie as feminised plants ;) expecting around 8oz off an auto will be pulling in a week or 2 depending on the mood she's in lol
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  10. Sounds like a good pull. Try reveg brother its actually the best super crop u could get. So many vines I took over 50 clones from my plants without hurting yield at all.Im bout to start my first bubble bucket grow soon. And a pee gravel bucket. Yea pea gravel Lol air stone then pea gravel and water. Experiment time basically lol[​IMG]

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