Supercropping, or...?

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  1. Ok, now what? It's week 7, I had them up to 10" and bushy w/the lower tips getting up there around 6". I found the guide and illustrations on cutting tops somewhat in the middle of the uppermost set. Is that FIM or Supercropping? I did not do the "grip between two fingers and squeeze a bit..." I cut them
    as shown in the pic. Now, they are only about 9" tall and I got rid of some of the bigger leaves and began spraying the cut ends at the top with water and Schultz's at a normal mixture.
    The pic is just to show where I cut the tops off. Has anyone else done their topping like this? It's supposed to double or triple the number of nodes of the original stalk top. I still have them on 24/7. How long untill these new shoots are significant enough to beging flowering them? Thanks.


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  2. The FIM technique is basicly what you did...maybe leaving a little more than normal intact. OG has a some good pictures of topping and explains supercropping.

    I would give her about a week or less and then induce flowering.
  3. Ok, the last thing I want to do is go to 12/12 too soon because they're coming along so good. That means I'll begin 12/12 into week 8 or 9 and go like that for 8-10 weeks. Right?
  4. Depends on when you think you would've hit 12 in...if it looks healthy and strong in a week then switch to 12/12.
    About 8-10 weeks depending on the strain.
  5. Danke-doodelly, danke

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