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  1. ok so I am extremely new to growing and I havent officially had my first grow yet. but I have done research for over 2 years now on growing and im finally considering buying the supercloset superbox to start. I chose this box because its the best price and size for what I want to do... my questions on it are mainly for people who have experince with the superbox already or a grow box similar to size... mainly what I want to know is how tall do you let your plants veg before you start flowring in a small space like this. obviously im going to be using strains that are going to be small in size anyway such as hindu kush or super skunk. basicallly the best plants for indoor grows.. and could you please give me any tips on using this specific box or a box this size. Thank you all!!!

  2. I have used one for years and loved it. There are tons of people here using them, and many have modded theirs to work even better (some list the mods they made, where to get the parts, why, etc.) you just have to search the forums a bit and you'll find everything you want to know. :)
  3. You can spend a lot and have it all there for you; or piece it together and save alot.
    Go get a used cabinet

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  4. I purchased one. Im super stoked about it.. I have another question. you said its been years since u bought yours but do you remember how long it took to ship. Its been 13 business days since I purchased it and Still havent gotten a confirmation saying its been shipped. it says 10 days from the purchase date it should be shipped with a email letting me know.
  5. If its being shipped over seas it can be a Lil time consuming with customs but be patient it's worth the wait 😊

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