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Supercloset secret society (s.s.s)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GRbudstar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. #12421 Steakbomb, Sep 14, 2018
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    Time to get back to work down here...
    I have a 3-bucket undercurrent system in here. No control bucket in my setup, but I have an extra undrilled bucket so I can pull a plant out to enable better trimming and easier water changes.
    First step is gonna be another rinse to flush any h2o2 (or debris from h2o2 rinse) left in the chiller from before I shut the cab down a couple weeks ago. Then I'll mix up a new batch of soup and get the blues moved in!
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  2. Move up completed!
    Gonna be managing pH for a day or so since its all fresh soup. It's bouncing back up from being pH-downed pretty quick at the moment - gotta hit equilibrium...

    TDS currently at 600 (ec 1.2). They were at about 450 or so in the tent but were starting to look hungry (some leaves a little yellow from needing more N). Pretty happy with my recipe now!

    Figure I'll tie down rhe 8 mains tomorrow and get the lux dialed in where I want it.
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  3. Oh Yeah! Cookin with gas!

    Lookin mightee fine!

    I smell kilo!
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  4. IMG_2238.JPG
    Week six of flowering and the buds are so tiny.... wtf I hope she fills out some more
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  5. I may be space constrained to get to the kilo mark, but I'm hopeful I can get to 1.5lb!
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  6. We are rapidly approaching the finish line and a dark horse contender has emerged to challenge for the title. Don't know that this gal quite has the size to win, but that purple coloring is bound to get her some votes with the judges......

    Bud 9-14-18.jpg
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  7. Skip, i hope you get more, but looks like you need to move up to quantum boards.
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  8. Looking goooood

    But I have no idea what your reference object is this time hahaha
  9. Still no donkey dick (“comparison object”)?
  10. What’s the scoop on quantum boards?
  11. Its a large candle
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  12. If I provide the donkey, you will hold his dick up to the cola while I take the picture??
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  13. Full spectrum, ridiculously efficient LED lighting. (See my cab lamp a few posts back - #12421). They are AMAZING.

    Check out horticulturelightinggroup.com

    I know you've been in & out of my thread a bunch. My results with them are in this thread too, but a little easier to comb thru mine since there aren't the 12,000 posts this thread has hahaha
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  14. Word I’ll check it out. I’m hoping she will fill in a bit in the next two weeks
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  15. Your colas, your comparison object...
  16. Tied down the 4 outer tips on each plant. I'll tie the inner ones tomorrow. Still thinking I'll be flip-ready next weekend... 20180914_151509.jpg
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  17. True enough, but a photo like that is not a one man job......
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  18. About a week to go until first harvest on my outdoor plants, the purple coloring deepens every day and is really quite amazing to see in person. Its not new or unique in the cannabis world I know, but this is my first time having colors this eye catching & vivid and I find myself looking at them about 10 times a day. Its impossible to capture properly with a cell phone camera, but click on the pics to enlarge and get a pretty good idea.......

    GSCE 9-14-18.jpg

    SC 9-14-18.jpg
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    Basic story: major light intensity with great spectrum for reasonable price, if you diy (supposedly easy and lots of people here who can walk you through it). Also, very low heat output, less electricity, dimmable.

    Lots of people have sets of these:QB120 Quantum Board
    And have great grows.

    Lemme turn you on to soil2coco’s grow, he just put together 12 of those for a 4x4 space where he's currently growing a single plant scrog, among other things Soil2Coco’s Indoor Multi Strain Journal

    Also, stickybudhound’s grow, he just built his qbs, four single-plant fixtures:
    3rd Indoor Grow - 3 Strains

    If you get serious about qbs, contact tbone shuffle, tell him i sent you. He’ll get a lol
  20. Beautiful plants, purple can be best appreciated in person.

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