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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GRbudstar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Oh man that would be amazing!

    I'm hopeful I can hit the 1lb mark, though...
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    Snap test passed and Orange Diesel #1 is now in the CVault. Weight at jar time was 168g / 6oz on the nose. I believe that is my highest single-plant weight so far... Not bad for an auto that was looking like it may not make it at one point! 20180810_092935.jpg
    (Ignore the 53% rh - literally just put the hygrometer in - got the bigass bovedas in there)...

    Actually had to spread it out to 2 vaults to allow breathing room for the start of the cure!

    Fuckin quantum boards, man!
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  3. Fuckin A! Maybe 2lbs comin....
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  4. 6oz from a auto! Very cool!
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  5. Looks Great..
    now u have to test some out :)
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  6. Already done, bruh!

    Great flavor (a little too fresh still but no worries) and a surprisingly good high for not being cured completely!

    My friend pressed some of the larf and got a 12% return. Guessing the tops colas would do 20% or more...
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  7. Impressed for sure. I do think the other one is gonna do more than that by a fair bit, though...
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  8. Duesels & Hazes: Been away all week; Looked like this when i left:


    Came back to this:


    Gotta get the Cindys done, and get these flowering.
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  9. Orange Diesel 2 is spreading to fill the cab lol. Looks like the supercropping I did on the main branch during stretching is causing lots of fat, relatively-even-heighted colas. Hopefully these finish in 2 weeks as planned...
    20180811_131927.jpg 20180811_131934.jpg
    If the first one was 6oz, it would not surprise me if this one does 9+. I will be pretty amused if my first 1lb+ grow is autoflowers...
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  10. Not me, good grower can do wonders!
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  11. Diesels & Hazes: Manifolds built, mains trimmed up and set to go vertical, 12:12 in 7-10 days under 8 new quantum boards.

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  12. Niiiice! The classic skeleton
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  13. That is a beautiful healthy plant, you are getting some really impressive results of late. The QB's help for sure, but you also had to do a lot of things right to get the kind of yields you have recently achieved......
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  14. been keepin the crew in the alcove, spritzing evry morn, hoseing roof dwn 2-3 times a day to raise the humidity around them..they're bouncing bk! think they'll make it after all..the WF i'll hrvst wed,,the rest looks like probally erly oct or late sept 000_7866.JPG
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  15. Most excellent!
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  16. Looking good, and some great news they will make it
  17. upload_2018-8-13_20-26-4.jpeg

    Colas in ghillie suits...
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  18. C99s: Finished pre-flush, changed out to pH’d and hydroguarded flush water; most tops untied for final few days.

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