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  1. I have all the shit, & will try it, unless i see some fantastic improvement, it’ll probably go into a box i’ll never open again. Lots of grow shit that adds marginal benefit for lots of $s & effort. I like the KISS approach, but usually after i’ve tried these things out.

    Big lights and everything else balanced is what seems to be most benefit.

    You look at the trees they grow in norcal/so oregon: the biggest light 93 mil miles away, enuff water and nutes - does the job.
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  2. The kit arrived! Awesome!

    When you set it up I look forward to seeing it.

    Did the ebay cymbal pack ship yet?
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    White Widows: Starting week 9, was hoping to break out the chainsaw and hedge trimmers this weekend, but lots of clear trichs and hardly any amber, and despite no nutes they are sucking water like nothings changed. Continuing to sugar up, in regular light they glisten like early morning dew. Buds are hard on both plants, but left one is something else. Can’t wait to see what those nugs are like when dry, they are dense!

    3F0D3D7C-5071-4BC1-A894-C87DDBF15A7D.jpeg 3D6DABFD-DE61-4FBA-8E2E-6FD8494C09C8.jpeg 2078D857-E98B-4BEA-9438-E61E6F8C11BC.jpeg 5CA3308D-50ED-41D2-B47C-6E56F6CFAC36.jpeg

    For perspective, those white fittings on res lid are 1.25-1.5” od.
  4. yes it sshould be here nxt thurs it shipped the same day i won bid..
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  5. +1 on this for sure, I'm the same way! Gotta try out all the bells & whistles before I eventually settle on something more straightforward. I very much doubt I will ever invest in a co2 tank & equipment, but those $35 bags are simple & easy and if it does not do much then so what?

    For the chemicals in making concentrates, if you purge thoroughly enough (which is why I bought a nice vacuum chamber) there really is virtually nothing left. In my experience making it without chemicals is just not nearly as good, but it certainly works. It only cost me about $250 to get all the top-end equipment I need (for small batches), the results are fantastic and super pure & clean. I like the idea of pressing but a good machine is very costly and often sizable, got enough crap stuffed in my garage.........
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  6. cymbals came in the wk erly..half are jap junk i won't use..the other half are sabian outta canada not bad..decent cymbal bg but no strap 000_7795.JPG 000_7796.JPG

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  7. I'm a Zildjian man myself.....
  8. Do you use those for growing or partaking?
  9. Will be measuring summer sunlight and kind leds soon, then qbs.

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  10. Very nice. What did that set you back, about $500?
  11. Yep, but expect to learn a lot, much of which should be transferable.
  12. Information is power, its just that simple.......
  13. neither..i'm a musician and they're my tools
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  14. with what they cost of course you
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  15. I actually LOL'd at this one hahahaha

    (No disrespect CF - just having fun)
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  16. None taken. I did not work as hard as I did for as many years as I did under all the stress that I took to not enjoy the considerable money I made. If I really want something now I buy it pretty much no matter how much it costs, not going to go to my grave with a bunch of money sitting around in the bank doing nothing.
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  17. I'm with ya on that. I'm working for a startup at the moment which is in a bit of rocketship mode at the moment. Doing pretty well and really looking forward to seeing how my options look in a few years.

    But man! The volume of work when you have some skin in the game at a small company is nuts.
  18. well i consider myself the orginal starving wit little or no $ is an art few master..i could teach a class on
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  19. Hope it works out for you!
  20. When I was in grad school I lived on about $150/month outside of rent & utilities, that covered food, dating, gasoline, toiletries, incidentals, etc. (probably 20% of it went to pot, LOL). Even adjusted for inflation that is not much money, so I know all about the "starving X" thing (X = artist, student, actor, etc.). Funny thing is I was quite happy then, money helps buts its not the be all and end all........
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