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  1. Yeah, i understand. Makes sense to me.

    A lot of people just don’t think ahead; and along those lines, when they get the first bleached tip they don’t even think to measure the distance, which is all it takes to nail it.

    My approach is a little looser that yours, but machs nichts.
  2. Done deal lucille, two 48s, being made tomorrow; will have them next week, barring forest fire, earthquake, tsunami, forklift spear, truck accident, north korean nuke, russian invasion, or those damn illegal asylum seekers rushing the border.
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  3. Fuckin A, about time!

    Put the mutant in a pot and grow it behind the outhouse.
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  4. Did he have good answers as to why the sudden change?
  5. I didn’t go into that; i had already made my decision and didn’t want to waste time/emotion on spilled milk. Perhaps should have.
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  6. This is a thing?! Worked a couple of summers in a warehouse while in High School, saw someone backed over by a forklift but never speared. Guess I need to add it to my bucket list cause it sounds gnarly.........
  7. Forks go thru box
  8. Oh, I thought you meant a person being speared by a forklift! I saw a lot of shit dropped but don't recall seeing any boxes speared, but I get how that could happen. Guys used to argue over who got to operate the forklift because that job was more fun than most of the others (as they involved lifting & moving & walking). I was just a teenager making some money before I went to college so I never got trained in running one, but I'll bet I could spear a box as well as anyone!
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  9. Shit happens!

    1636 ppfd!!! Gonna have to control myself somehow.
  10. That is an insane number without a doubt. You know how I have been saying (based on all the photos you have ever posted on this site) that your current WW grow is going to be your best yet? I still believe that to be true, but it won't last long because I predict your first grow with that kind of ppfd in a Green Qube tent is going to blow away anything you have done up to this point.
  11. Thx, we’ll see. I’m due for a major faceplant.

    When do you go bright?
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  13. Cf, saw you mention about concentrates and temperature. Are you making your own or using it to make vape carts?
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    Between my cab and outdoor grow, I have as many plants as I want to have going right now. As you know they will both be harvested by late October, so I will be germinating new strains by then and ready to start the tent grow at the beginning of November. Once all the equipment is purchased, it should not take me more than a couple of days to set everything up. I'll start the germinated seedlings in the cab, and then move them to the tent once they can take that amount of light.
  15. I am making my own. I have a tumbler and bubble bags (for hash) and full equipment (including a heatable vacuum chamber) to make Cannabis Oil (for my wife) and BHO. Most of the time I keep about 1 oz of each strain grown for smoking, and the rest gets turned into concentrates.
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  16. Cool. I have been trying to make my own vape carts from concentrates and am having a hard time finding good cartridges. Also have been contemplating making my own from my plants, but looks like a lot of work.
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  17. I also thought that at first, but its really not that much effort for a very high quality product. You can start with just an extraction tube and a couple of pyrex dishes and make very good BHO in an hour, and with nothing more than a set of bubble bags you can get great hash in the same amount of time. If you want the highest purity for your BHO then you do need to winterize & vacuum purge it like I do, and that takes extra equipment and time for sure. There are a ton of write-ups and videos online that walk you through the process at whatever level of effort you want to put in, from very basic (less than an hour) to very complicated (several days).
  18. It just occurred to me that at that kind of light intensity, wouldn't it be a near perfect environment to add CO2? I know that you know the additional CO2 allows the plants to utilize more of the light, and from what I have read can increase yields up to 20%. I believe it also makes the plants more resistant to heat & stress, allowing you to keep the tent much warmer (like 90 degrees) without any issues. I recall you said you wanted to continue to work on more basic variables, but maybe with the move to high-end QB's its time to take that next step? I'm not going to rush out and buy a CO2 tank, but I probably am going to buy the $35 bag and hang it in my tent to take advantage of the 1100 ppfd that I am getting. I read through the High PPFD Cultivation article you posted and none of their charts went past 1000 ppfd, so you know we are both generating some serious light intensity!!
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    Everclear shatter is pretty straightforward, Pressing is pretty straightforward too if you can afford & operate the press.

    Both can then be mixed with p or v glycol for e-vaping. Been a while since i’ve done it, so i’d have to review how to do. I got concerned about vaping chems, so just combust or heat vape now.
  20. I have all the co2 components and will be doing it at some point.

    Perhaps they don’t go higher, cuz they can’t. I don’t know. (The spydrx was an alternative to Timber, for me.) But you can find lots of info showing at least 1000 ppfd w/o co2 upto 1500 ppfd with co2.

    Again, really good info in those tables at bottom of doc.

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