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  1. btw i did defo all my plnts last nite as the sun went dwn..i'll hv pics when sun comes up.clean and green top to sign of bugs anywhere..erly IPM got them and lots of neem cake in the soil mix so no thrips
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  2. ya ill defo at least once more before it all said and done 000_7686.JPG 000_7688.JPG 000_7685.JPG
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  3. oj kush ready for hrvst this a how-to wash my plnt at hrvst 000_7684.JPG
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  4. clones look gd this morn 000_7683.JPG
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  5. I smell harvest party!
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  6. i ripped a big wad of L size glves at my dr's last mo to be!
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  7. Yeah anytime you add moisture to the system you have to be careful of mildew. The leaves look better today after being misted last night, but I can do it in the early morning for now on so that it evaporates sooner and does not promote PM.
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    All i have to do to get pm is to grow the wacky weed in these small spaces.

    I’m hoping to demonstrate to myself that i can have 1 grow where i’m yielding big without pm.

    Here’s a good challenge:

    Slowly shifting to flowering:
  9. I was reading about some people using a product that they felt worked better than Hydroguard, called Garden Friendly Fungicide. Apparently it contains 98.85% Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens strain D747 whereas Hydroguard contains .038% of the same thing. This product has one billion CFU's per ml versus the one thousand CFU's per ml that Hydroguard has, and its $8 for a pint. I read some glowing reviews where people said their roots looked better than they had ever seen them, so I bought some and decided to try it. I diluted it 30:1 with water and then used 1 ml per gallon in my reservoir. Its been six days since then, my soup has never looked cleaner and check out my roots then and today (the bit of brown color in the roots rinsed right off after I took the photo):

    Roots.jpg Roots 1.jpg
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  10. Read the riu thread, sounds good. On non-gating items, i take the conservative farmer approach, “if it ain’t broke....
  11. I generally feel the same way, and only bought it because it was really cheap so if I used it for one week and wasn't happy it was no big deal. But so far it looks like the big claims are true and it has exceeded my expectations, which is not easy to do......
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  12. i'm runnin lo on hydroguard and nd to reorder..maybe i'll ordrer some and try it
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  13. I would give it a shot. It will save you a bunch of money over Hydroguard because its so much more concentrated (a 100 times more of the Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens), just be sure to dilute it before using in your reservoirs.
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  14. Yes, I read several more discussions like the link you show here, if diluted properly it seems to work super well and obviously a TON less money since you use 1/20 - 1/30 the dosage of Hydroguard. I am almost afraid to see how big my roots are in a couple more weeks.......
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    White Widows: Starting week 5, filling in well, sugar leaves developing on colas.

    Last week

    This week
    0F276F1D-9863-4005-A0ED-482650FD3220.jpeg 2967B668-EF0D-436D-86BC-78C9482D2592.jpeg

    Swirlin on!
  16. Here’s a weekly review of the widow grow, thru today:















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  17. Currently working on this one, too, thru first 6 true nodes. Double T5 lights running 18 hrs/day.

    CF3533F2-20BB-4876-A147-C1283FF342FA.jpeg C71C4C19-FF12-407F-AA50-F9E769A2C488.jpeg 016A8C6C-7019-4ACB-86D8-EE34FB2F7625.jpeg AD42F5C2-DB66-499A-AA08-023500FBBFBE.jpeg 1A3FA09F-02B1-47CF-8C03-A2AC23F30323.jpeg ADBCE989-9C81-4E47-96FD-8BFB51A51D13.jpeg 4EC99898-A5E2-40D6-85C2-2394AD76B4CC.jpeg 9CD6E38D-2D5B-4C93-B015-5A0511BB145B.jpeg F24EB519-246F-45C8-89CC-A65AD591EEB3.jpeg 1CD86802-6127-4D18-A305-2B9D8F24C4BE.jpeg 8C513696-F67B-41F5-A764-7D8DBB63ED8D.jpeg 7EB100C4-3D92-419A-A022-32083B5D6ED3.jpeg E19C3D8D-A60C-41E4-A9EE-0E77A8FF721C.jpeg 59B9B81C-7944-4703-936F-868DF8CFA1E5.jpeg F517B2E4-970D-4730-A58B-541FADD07F2E.jpeg 033FC763-22F3-461D-B684-AFEF0E128DA6.jpeg FEC21E85-0BFC-4723-8EA9-A6EF68D37B73.jpeg 090E2DA0-0C1F-4405-B23B-AD4922A25971.jpeg
  18. Looking better now, yeah?
    Right one is def overdosed a bit, but holy shit. Barely recognize these plants compared to when I left on Monday!
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