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  1. Thanks.

    Seeds planted 2/25, plugs transplanted to hydro 3/2. These girls have been relatively slow, but roots and stems are big and healthy. i’m excited to see what they do during flowering. If all goes well, i expect to harvest by end of July.
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    White Widows: Going 12:12 at 14”; trimmed all accessible growing tips except at tip of main, leaving all future growing tips from here on out. Can’t fucking wait to get them flowering.


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  3. All three of the germinating seeds sprouted, now I just have to let them grow bigger roots and decide if I want to plant all three in the cabinet or just two of them. New Seedlings.jpg
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    White Widows - 12:12 today; led 100% on all channels; drawing down veg nutes, will swap to flowering nutes next week.

    Now growing at ~1”/day, so started flowering cycle early, may have to swirl these girls.




    Gotta say, they look beautiful! My job now, not to fuck them up.
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  5. So my littel girl did a big stretch, u guys think that if I transplant it in a 5 gallon cloth pot and burry half the stem will it survive .
    This is my first grow , will be putting it outside and not using the supercloset because of noise,
    But it stores beer and stuff very well and stealth, people don’t even know I have beer there...

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  6. You can also use fish hooks and weights. I do that and used pipe cleaners to place my branches before i got a net. Have you tried a mini Scrog net in that?
    0515182256.jpg 0514182144a.jpg 0514182145.jpg
  7. I bet you could hide all kinds of shit in there!

    Yep, bury it an inch from cotyledons, roots will come out of stem.

    Put it in a 1-3 gallon first, though. Let her grow a really good root ball , then go 5-gal if indoor, 10-gal if outdoor.
  8. Had one for 2 yrs, was complete garbage end up using it as a clone/seedling box. But hey if it works for you go for it
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  9. Okay Thanks
    Will put in a gallon then a 5 gallon later on
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    Root.jpg Roots.jpg [​IMG] So the root is just poking out on all of my 3 seedlings (see pics), I guess they are ready to be transplanted to the cabinet (and my neoprene net pot covers arrive today). The thing is that I decided to upgrade from the rectangular air stones that came with the SuperBox and I just bought a couple of really nice air diffusers (12" Alita sintered air diffusers, got rave reviews on several forums). They were shipped by FedEx today and will not arrive for about 5-7 days, is it OK to leave my 3 seedlings in the RR's until then? I would rather not use the air stones for one week and then have to pull them out of the reservoir and replace them with the air diffusers if I can avoid it.
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  11. You can definitely wait a bit longer if needed. I try to wait for more than one root to show anyway, myself.

    As a side note, changing the air stones later is not too hard. Just take the lid of the res, net cups included, and rest it over a separate container for the swap. Hell, a week from now you may still be waiting for roots to emerge from net cups, so you may even just be able to sit it on a tabletop.

    Got a link for the stones you ordered? At 12" each, depending on the layout, they may need more oomph than the included air pump can provide...
  12. I wound up losing one of the seedlings after I TP'd. Either got injured or dried out (net cup may not have been getting splashed enough). Other two looking good though!
    20180516_105858.jpg 20180516_105900.jpg
    I keep making newbie mistakes - probably because I'm only about a year into the hobby with two reasonably successful grows and the two failures from attempting that one-part nute... I'm a persistent bastard, though, and I *will* have an issue-free grow one of these days.
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  13. I wouldn’t wait, not sure what the specific issue is. It takes 30 seconds to switch out airstones.

    You run infection/damage risk by not getting root in either dirt or hydro asap.
  14. Fucking up is a great motivator for some people, like me.
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  15. This is what I bought (two of them):

    Alita Sintered Air Diffuser 12" (MPN C30D-112CN) - Best Prices on Everything for Ponds and Water Gardens - Webb's Water Gardens

    My cabinet comes with an Eco 2-port air pump that currently would supply two 10" bar shaped air stones. Strong enough for two of the 12" diffusers that I bought?
  16. I thought pulling out the wet used air stones would be more of a hassle than you guys have told me, so I will go ahead and transplant them tomorrow and then change to the air diffusers when they arrive. Think my EcoAir 2 (2-port pump) will be enough for the two 12" air diffusers?
  17. Not sure. I use the medium size of these

    Inexpensive, dishwashable on sanitize cycle, does the job with my ecoair 2s and 4s.

    Try yours and see if they work. If need something bigger, doc or steak can probably point you in tight direction.
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    I used the 3" dome-style air stones in my supercloset res and still do in my starter res - they worked great with the eco2/eco4 but might be a little too tall for the res you got in there. (If I recall correctly, the airstones were the first thing I changed too ha!)

    You might be ok with those stones - if they have a big diameter too, though, the eco pump may only push air out of one end or something. Hard to say as I can't see any GPH of air specs on that site - at least it looks like it will fit your air hose w/ the 1/4" barbs.

    I still use the dome ones in my bucket rig but I have 6" wide ones on a much stronger air pump now.
  19. It only strengthens my resolve lol
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  20. Found an EcoPlus Supreme 2-port (71 GPH, 270 LPH) air pump on eBay for $13 out the door (no sales tax, free shipping) so I bought it. That will definitely fully power two 12" air diffusers from 6 inches away and the price is so low (saw it for up to $32 on other sites) its a no brainer!

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