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Supercloset secret society (s.s.s)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GRbudstar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Wake n bake!
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  2. Plants in the cab are adjusting still. Thinking the issue is the nutes change - had them on botanicare but switched to megacrop a few days before moving them to the cab. (And dialed the nutes down a bit to boot)...

    New growth is lime green - the megacrop dosing guide suggests that means strength is too low. I added another gram per gallon this morning - TDS went from 570 to 690. We'll see what happens.

    Roots all look really good so I'm thinking at worst I'm probably just prolonging the grow. The price I pay for changing several variables in a short timeframe I suppose....
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    Have you played with light location and intensity?

    I believe hydro plants go thru “transplant” shock, too. My two white widows got their roots attacked after moving to new buckets, tent, nutes, and different lighting. They are recovering now after moving to smaller buckets, no nute water, higher dose of hydroguard. I have full veg lighting going now w/ lights still at top of tent. I’ll start boosting nutes tomorrow, when they start favorably reacting to that, i’ll start lowering lights. Hopefully i can start tying down first 2 mains next week.

    These young plants can’t handle too many changes in too short of time.
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  4. Been keeping the lights on the high side but haven't tried dimming them yet. I'm not sure, but I do think the light was more intense in the tent since that light was about 8 inches away instead of the current 45"+.

    I was wondering if it could be shock. They certainly went from warm(ish) water / mild bubbles to chilly water with crazy bubbles.
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    White Widows recovered from transplant, ramping up nutes (EC 1.1 today), all extraneous growing tips removed, delicate mains pulled into position:

    50F34770-7B0B-4061-9599-6A55B91B80AF.jpeg 411723D2-35FD-448D-B719-7DC7F7CF318A.jpeg 305029CD-777B-4B7A-AE66-081031A21DC6.jpeg

    Second topping, to create 4 mains, in a few days. Probably will go for 8 mains per plant.
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  6. IMG_1975.JPG IMG_1976.JPG
    Week 5 of veg three more weeks oughta do it
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  7. Royal gorilla
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  8. Royal gorilla
  9. Haven’t topped it only l.s.t
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  10. Finally debugged what was wrong with the hazes in the cab. It was the nutes change - it appears megacrop needs to be run at higher EC levels to achieve the appropriate concentrations of NPK and the micronutrients. I'm guessing it's because megacrop is a powdered nute and the botanicare stuff was synthetic liquids that there's just more "stuff" going in the water adding to EC but not necessarily adding to the right things for the plants. I had them at about 1.4 and they need more like 1.9.

    Young leaves are starting to uncurl and gain good color. I'll put up some pics in here in a week or so when they start looking good again haha
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  11. got all tp's done..now its the wait 000_7335.JPG 000_7334.JPG
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  12. Roots!
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  13. Second topping done, final topping in 7-10 days.

    D54C7D3F-552D-4BA3-8178-712EB1937078.jpeg FA1B1627-2824-4A24-8050-4015555E398D.jpeg 912AB738-2C9F-44BB-AAD3-993F124F191C.jpeg
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  15. outdr hydro wk 1 on OJ Kush finally shw'd her sex..wk 6 purp star 000_7348.JPG
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  16. the soil ''found'' purp star crew except for one WF 000_7351.JPG
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  17. C99 clones adding nodes and growing tips; in the coming week, will select 2 plants for final transplanting and for first topping:

    White Widow clones working on 3rd node of 4 new mains; plants appear to be different phenos; final topping in the coming week, then veg to 12/12 height.
    E3286077-ABB1-418B-A09B-CCE341040EC9.jpeg 45278D40-7AEB-49B8-951A-F63EB1DAC9B5.jpeg
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  18. White Widows: training new mains

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