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Supercloset secret society (s.s.s)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GRbudstar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. day 3 ..i'm using ''found'' seeds frm last hrvst.. 000_7175.JPG
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  2. Hey DR.! Looks good.
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  3. thnx Jolly..hope all going well with you
  4. Thanks.

    Things are going so well I am looking for a load of bricks to fall on me. lol
  5. ya i know that feelin..lol
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  6. #9826 Or_Gro, Mar 11, 2018
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    Seeds planted 2/25, plugs transplanted to hydro 3/2 (2 white widow, 1 C99) 3/9 (1 C99). 3 plants working on 3rd true leaf pairs, 1 plant on 2nd true leaf pair.


    Multiple root tips outside of net cups on 3 plants, added diluted dose of technaflora Root66 and Sugar Daddy. 1st veg nute dose will occur when roots start branching ~ 6 true nodes, should be within 10 days (running 3 days per node).
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  7. garden recvrd frm cold snap seedlings are day 6 000_7204.JPG 000_7202.JPG
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  8. I love this setup
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  9. Copy it!
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  10. What all you got there as far as the cab goes
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  11. Lol. But start with an actual storage cabinet instead of a supercloset.
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  12. Mine started as a supercloset, but pretty much nothing is original anymore. One could easily build this thing from scratch if they were reasonably handy.

    It's a steel storage cabinet:
    78" tall
    46" wide
    24" deep
    Holes have been cut to either hold pvc pipes for cable / hose routing or for ventillation system.
    Walls are all covered with white magnet sheets (can be found in 5'x2' sheets online).
  13. Dealing with the usual learning curve I have here. The autos have been getting overwatered !
    1520947145110.jpg 1520947148278.jpg
    I just removed a gallon of solution to put a little more space between the net cups and the bubbling to see if that helps. I've also been keeping the light really high (50" or so) while they adjust.

    Probably would have helped to do the autos in my starter bin for a couple weeks to get a few nodes and some root branching, but the clones need to live somewhere!

    Hopefully I can get them rehabbed and thru to harvest. At the rate the clones are growing I'm probably going to need to re-clone them so they don't wind up stuck in the starter bin.
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  14. Removed another gallon - plants seem to be perking up a bit. Will check in again after the work day.

    The new air pump & stones really get the water moving, so I think the amount of bubbling was keeping the stones and rapid rooters a little too damp for seedlings. We'll see what happens...
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  15. All three autos still pretty small but are also all now showing some pretty good rooting activity. Bumped their nutes up a bit during a water change yesterday. Hopefully we'll see a growth spurt this week.

    One thing I've been noticing is the temps in the cab have been pretty easy to control this round. I put the new air pump for the bucket rig outside the cab with the chiller and it has definitely made a big impact on temps - even with the new light.

    I'm gonna do the same thing with the tent's air pump tomorrow and should have some good data from that in terms of degrees dropped.
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  16. Planning to check temp impact of my pumps too, when i move to cab and big tent.
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  17. Roots branching, full veg nutes added, working on 5th set of true leaves


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  18. #9839 Or_Gro, Mar 19, 2018
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    Going back and forth about making clones, since i have 4 good plants (am only planning to do 2 plants each in cab and big tent).

    Either way i will top: for multiple clones per mother or for mainline mains.

    If i don’t clone, i’ll save at least 3-4 wks; if i clone, i’ll have option of same phenos. Currently thinking about saving time, so that second grow this year can be some long flowering sativas before Xmas (current strains are 8-weekers) and not have big plants growing during hottest part of year.
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  19. Taking the air pump out of the tent shaved about 3 degrees off temps - if I had an active water chiller for the tent I'd be doing even better, but the water temp slowly rising over the day results in slowly rising air temps.

    I'm likely going to decide the optic led light is too much and switch to quantum boards. I'm feeling like the stunted growth on the autos is from the blast of light - QBs I can get some nice white light, have it be dimmable, and also have it be more diffused over a wider area so hopefully less potential for burning.

    Buddy of mine who isn't stuck growing in a storage cab may take the optic off my hands...
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