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Supercloset secret society (s.s.s)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by GRbudstar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. If still having probs after that, got an extra pump?

    If so rig up a heat pump using all that top watering hose that came with original res.

    Set up a curculation loop of hose, with some of hose in a covered bucket/cooler filled with ice.
  2. That's a really good idea - I'd need two pumps but it could work.

    That said, it took 2 hours for all of the ice to melt and brought temps down to the mid-60s (around 10-12 degrees). Thinking one run with those per day should do the trick - maybe every other day even now that fall temperatures are back again...
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  3. Tent defol day:

    IMG_8201.JPG IMG_8202.JPG


    Removed almost all gigantic fan leaves below cola nodes (probably 200-300 8" leaves), will continue to selectively remove fans that block bud sites.
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  4. bamboo with a kick
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    I've seen a number of folks doing a 48hr blackout before harvest... What's the thinking behind that? Less chlorophyll might improve flavor I suppose... Any other benefit?
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    Got me, sounds like a waste of time.
  7. Defol'd 3-week 16-main vortex in cab, then said wtf and did others too.



    Have i mentioned how much i love having wheels? Spin & trim!
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  8. Steak frozen btls will wrk but its not efficient unless your rez is insulated..insulated it will stay under 70 for days with no additional btls needed
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    What do you suggest for insulation? I've seen you keep yours in foam coolers but that would probably add some height and that's tough in my short tent...

    As a note - been about 4hrs and temps are back up by 5°. Not terrible, but not ideal...
  10. So reading up more, it seems to key in on chlorophyll production stopping in the dark. Less chlorophyll supposedly gives a less grassy taste.

    My main concern would become humidity at that point - humidity goes up to the high 50% range during darkness (at least the last couple of days) and I'd be concerned about that being the case for too long - especially so close to harvest.
  11. The leaves that this marginal crap affects you would be trimming off anyway. And, of the 20 or so plants i've grown over last 6 months, not a single one tastes grassy during/after cure.
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  12. Good point. Coupled with the humidity fear I think I'll say fuck it... Planning a Saturday harvest so at most I may just shut the lights down Friday night when they turn off anyway.
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  13. i hadn't thought about the ht issues..it would depend how deep the rez is..mine has a one inch space at the bottom of cooler and around sides of res..air space helps big time but does add size
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  14. Steak, re: insulation, head over to hd or lowes and check out various insulation boards. Pick one type, cut to size, tape together w/duct tape, and yer goodtogo.
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  15. Hoping for some really nice bamboo colas
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  16. [​IMG]
    The results are in: this grow yielded 3.5 ounces. I am pleased with the harvest considering it was grown under 150 watt hps. I'll have to raise my goal to a quarter pound.
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  17. Kickass man! Nice job!
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    Two of my seedlings - one Ayahuasca Purple and one Liberty Haze - have roots that are now in the water. The other two have not made it through the cup yet, and are notably smaller than the ones that have. Bigger ones are even putting up their second nodes already!

    Planning to run the root juice til Saturday or Sunday, so hopefully they make it by then. If they don't make it, though, I think I can make do with two plants... I guess I'm not sure if I should be concerned or patient.

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