SuperCharge Hits Work!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chronic420, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Well if you do not know what a supercharge hit is it is this.

    1 person takes a large bong hit while the 2nd person is exhaling and inhaling very very deep so he loses hes breath well then the 1st person shotguns his hit into the 2nd persons face and while doing this the 2nd person stands up inhaling the hit.
    the 2nd person Should pass out if he doesent either he still had enough breath left or the other person dident take a big enough hit .

    Well me and my friend where trying this with a bong and it was hes turn so he squated down and inhaled and exhaled very deep soon he lost hes breath and i shotgund a massive bong hit into hes face while he stood up and sure he enough he just falls strait down face first luckly on my bed but he still hit his head against the wall, he sat there for a second the moved hes head over and asked "what happend?" well i was stoned so i just laughed harder than i ever had before. :)
  2. That's so homoerotic. Do you kiss the other guy and blow the hit into his lungs afterwards?
  3. hey czar, were you over at eriks the night they were doing those fuse hits?

    person one takes a hit of a joint...turns the joint around and holds the cherried end inside his mouth with his teeth..

    person two takes a hit from the other end of the joint while person one breathes out slowly...

  4. i suppose you could continuously repeat the process...but its kinda weird unless done with a member of the opposite sex..and even then, the hits would start to get sweaty dont ya think?....ARRR

  5. My friends used to do something similar. Once you stand up another person that didn't take the hit makes a V out of his index and middle fingers. You place this V under the hitters chin(where the throat starts, finger nails down) Push up pretty hard(don't killem!) and hold for a few seconds. Make sure you hold them up because they are soon to crash to the floor. They called this the "base shotty."
  6. we do this thing where you each take your right hand and interlock your pinkies and it forms a kind of tube with both of your hands and take/give the hits through that..

  7. They must be still roaming the earth because me and my friends do that all the time :D

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