supercharge a 50cc scooter?

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  1. i want to do it but im scared of damaging my engine if it cant hold the pressure. Has anyone here got any experience with this or any suggestions?
  2. is that even possible?
  3. Yea you can supercharge any engine. I was gonna use an electric compressor off ebay that runs from the battery and links to the throttle so it kicks in as the revs go up. Hopefully i dont need bigger injectors but i probably will. Yea btw decided im definitely gonna do it
  4. If you must, but scooters are REALLY REALLY LAME. just sayin. . .
  5. Why wouldn't you turbocharge it? There would be no need to try to rig some sort of electronic trip between the throttle and the compressor. Supercharging an engine that small just sounds like a more tedious method of acquiring forced induction.
  6. 50cc's can't take that much pressure from a turbo; let alone a supercharger, im pretty sure it's just not possible. (maybe with scooters, i don't nothing about em)
    They're a 1 speed, 1 piston, etc etc. can't even spin an X amount of RPMS.

    i don't know about scooters, but for mopeds this is a fact.

    For a moped, most basic & cheap upgrade to the engine, you'd port, case match & open intake/exhuast ports. New carb/intake & nice pipe with gearing you can easily hit over 40mph on a 50cc.

  7. Yes they are. Im only driving one coz i crashed my car and need to get to work so i bought one until i have enough for another car or a real bike. And yea this thing doesnt even do the speed limit and theres a $100 dollR supacharger im bolting on thats designed for 50cc engines.
  8. Any engine can be turbo'd, you just need a turbocharger to match. Who the hell makes a turbocharger that small besides VW(sarcastic but they are really small:hello:). If you wanted to spend the dough on the custom turbo which probably wouldnt be too much considering its size then it'd be one hell of a scooter. A buddy of mine wants me to do a 11hp turbo in his minibike :D.
  9. dude it all depends on the type of carb you have, the chinese scooters have a electronic gas modulator unless you can remap the sensors your just wasting your time.
  10. Flaws- Turbos generally run more psi than superchargers. And without an aftermarket turbo readily available it would be much easier to make a supercharger work than a turbo. Bolting up a little pump and connecting the wires is about 1000 times less work than porting your i/e. How many aftermarket pipes arnt oem replacements? Same for carbs. And without a number of very expensive tools you cant make your own...


    OP-Buy a car if you want to drive the speed limit.

    /my post
  11. Yea a turbo is way too much fucking around for something i only plan to drive for a month. I do want to turbo my pitbike though, just for laughs.
  12. lol don't waste your 100 doll hairs. A scooter battery cannot power a hairdryer, let alone a "supercharger".

    Just rep the scooter man. If you supercharge it or not, you're still ridin a scooter.
  13. There should be alot of small things you can do to it to get better speed. When I was a kid i had a 50cc Honda that I did a few things to, one was taking some sort of limiter off the clutch that let it go faster. Something like a turbo or super charger wouldnt be worth it imo.
  14. Yea don't waste money on that, keep saving to buy a car and don't crash the one you get.
  15. You'd be better off getting an 80cc big bore kit.
  16. supercharge it! 1.5psi would rock that 50cc motor
  17. Go to a small airport and buy some 110 octane aviation gas. It'll run like a motherfucker until it welds itself together...
  18. Lmao, that'd be intense and a first in my book. I've never heard of a bike that runs on 110 oct. I feel even 95-98 would rip that thing up.
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    It's been done already. A company out of Japan already makes a charger for this engine. My neighbor has a 50cc boarded out to 125cc and rebuilt by takengawa(spelled it wrong). It has 22 hp on the dyno and will smoke A 250 and it is n/a with no charger.

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