Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by GALVANIZED, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. I used superbud on the crop i am growing at the moment ( id had lots of problems with the dosages over the last few so i ut 2 ml ..yes 2ml ! in a nutrient mix the day i reset the timer to 12-12.
    Its now 20 days later and the bud level is unbelievable , these are white widow plants .The buds have literally started to from colas already and some of the top buds are nearly a foot long and approx 1.5 inches round..and have started frosting.
    Ive grown a few crops in my time but have never seen results like this...on all the plants , they still have 36 days to go to reach 8 weeks....ill grab a digicam and take a few pics if i can..
    Also i heard superbud contains cancerous this true , anyone heard anymore on that?
  2. suberbud has been found to ne carsinagenic, everyone on OG dumping it now. :( it was great while it lasted.
  3. mmmmm you could possibly be right there bob...moral is grow ya own !
  4. ist ever grow was organiv using bio-bizz and turned out quite well but when you get treble the yield from some of these products ....well grow organic for yourself i suppose and the rest to sell...

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