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Superbud.grasscity.com ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by hippie john, Aug 9, 2003.



  1. I think that its gonna be a new section or something.

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  2. YOU SAW NOTHING! forget you ever saw that section:darts eyes around and vasishes:

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  3. >?

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  1. wth is superbud.grasscity.com? it came up on screen the other day and i tho
    was there aan evilhidden section of the good citY? or is there somethin niw> iif so plezse lute us tonwko\know.

    i 'm so confuseded right noww@~!@
  2. i noticed this too. it came about just after a whole spat of people were complaing about error messages and so on. less such complaints came about once the superbud.grasscity thing was around.

    but still, i have not heard an explanation.

    think i saw something about it in general website feedback.

  3. As am I..I'm a new bird though,so thats ok.
  4. it wasent like that, then i tried to get on, it was down... i tried to get on later that day, and that link was there..... weeeiiirrrdddd......

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