Superbowl! (no this is not spam lol)

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    Who you guys rootin for?
  2. Patriots I suppose, but just because my dad has a $500 bet on them. I dislike both of these teams so it really doesn't matter to me.

    I was pulling for somebody new to make it.. either the 49ers or Ravens.
  3. :hello: patriots all the way :hello:
  4. haha lets hope your pops is right, giants have been goin pretty hard this season.
  5. Damn it all, in all the years I've been alive, I've never been able to figure out when the Super Bowl was on the television until it happened.
  6. I dont really give a crap about football so nobody
  7. well its on right now bro, turn on the TV haha, I'm in Europe right now and I'm gettin it on the bbc sports channel at 12 am lmao
  8. The big game for me today was Chelsea v Manchester United

  9. yeah, I only follow Feyenoord, its a dutch team. Thats my team in soccer haha.
  10. The only good thing about the Superbowl is the commercials.
  11. Haha yeah i know feyenoord! I remember the thrashing they got last year from I think PSV
  12. Super bowl for the Super bowl.


  13. yeah last year they pretty much sucked, got their ass kicked by their rivals Ajax too, this year we beat ajax 4-2 :D

  14. haha word to the motherfucking street yo:smoke:
  15. the super what?? :confused:
  16. Alright. The commercials are the only reason that I am watching this. I don't mind not seeing them online first.
  17. shoulda done a poll, also idgaf
  18. ppl always gotta be hostile...smh
  19. I'm too high to care right now. All I know is these commercials are funny as f**k and this bowl of chilly is BOMB
  20. What did you expect on this type of forum, not many stoners are into sports lol :p

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