superbeastly's first grow-master kush

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  1. here she is bout ten days give or take.a little brown on the tips? idk why the light is not close

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  2. bump. anybody interested?
  3. updated pics .why are these leaves looking brown on tha tips.i just transplated from dixie cups

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  4. bump !!!anybody wanna folloow along i nees sum help!!
  5. updated pics.can i use nutes now?

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  6. Whoa. You are just recovering from nute burn if I read your other thread correctly. You probably won't need nutes for probably two weeks especially if you still have some of the cow manure in your soil. Even when you do feed start at 1/2 or maybe even 1/4 strength. Stick with straight water , maybe add a little superthrive
  7. awsome man yeah thats me with that nuteburn problem...u gunna subscribe man i could use the advice:)
  8. Sure I'll help when I can. You can come on over to my grow and also check out some of the guys and gals in the organics forum. These guys know there shit and are always there to help out.
  9. Let's start with a description of your setup
    Your choice of soil or other medium.
    Indoor I assume? If so what's your lights and ventilation and blah blah blah.
    No detail to small.
    What strain is this or is it bagseed or ...
    Happy growing brother.
  10. im growing in adresser with five cfls and my soil mix is compost,cowpoo,and perlite ph is currently 6.5 im bout to start fox farm nutes the strain is masterkush
  11. How many watts are those lights, not equivalent wattage but actual wattage, and what spectrum are they. What do you have for ventilation. You need to make sure you have enough air movement that the leaves of of the plant are fluttering.
    Do you have adequate drainage in your soil they don't like there roots to be kept to moist. Let them dry out a little between waterings. I still think due to the fact that your soil has available nutrients from the compost and manure that you should hold off feeding for a bit. This is the hardest thing you are going to have to learn LITFA Stands for Leave It The Fuck Alone. The cannabis plant isn't called weed for nothing. As long as you meet it's basic needs it will be fine just let it do it's thing.
  12. its alot man i cant rember exactly how many whatss.
  13. i started nutes today big bloom and grow big
  14. I think it's very possible that you could be dealing with nute burn, but it also looks an awful lot like you've over-watered that little one. Like banana was saying, you need to let your soil dry out a bit between waterings. Most people wait until the pot "feels light". It's incredibly subjective, but I've never had any trouble with it, it's the sort of thing you just know.

    Other than that, LITFA; wise words; I grow by semester because that's the only way it works; I start at the beginning of the semester and harvest at the end. Last semester I was incredibly busy and didn't have a lot of time for my plants, let alone journaling... those were my healthiest plants yet; they thrived under the neglect.

    Sorry, I'm prone to a condition called stoned and rambling. Anyway, I'm subbed, if I follow my wishlist, master kush will be in my next order, I want to see what I'm in for.
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    cool I will update with pics tonight shes looking healthy now and i just started half stength big bloom and grow big starting off. .btw since i started nutes late how do i follow feeding shedule? do i need to just pick the week it is and start there ? i started week 3 or so half strength do i go to week four from there?(i thhink its a lil bit older or younger than that really)and yeah i recoverd from nute burn:)
  16. Cool. Just pick up the feeding at the recommended dose for week four now.
  17. updated pics. seems the nutes took well. just a very very slight yellow tint on the edges of leaves?:-/ possible sign of future nuteburn again? lots of vertical growth. soil is still pretty hard i had to water it a little today becuse it looked too dry to me(i didnt water it too much idnt think).anyways what yall guys think. next im gunna post pics and updated on the grow dresser. thanks ...advice is appreciated:)

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  18. Looking better. Looks to me like your could have yourself a problem but not with nute burn now. That plant has a very thin stalk down at it's base. It looks to me like its trying to stretch to much. I would add a little more soil around the base of the plant and get your lights closer, if your running CFL's you can get them down within a couple of inches from the top of the plant. Next thing you want is an oscillating fan that's moving enough air around the plant so that the leaves are fluttering, that's how it breathes.

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