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  1. This movie came out yesterday! who has seen it? I am going to see it tonight but on theres is a torrent for it that i am downloading also. Fuck it looks awesom just from comercials there are epic lines! WHO ELSE IS GOING TO SEE THIS!!!! i CANT FUCKIN wait!!!!! hahaha:smoke:

    sweet i have 201 posts now. wow to the 200 mark from 100 took like a month or two:p sweet even more of a readson to go to a movie:p
  2. Yeah, this movie is definatly gonna be superbad! lol. So many quotables from the comercial alone, ill probably go see it sooner or later. Not too sure about in the movies.. i dont like hearin everyone laugh over the movie lol.
  3. As far as I know most torrents right now are fake.
  4. yee i havent seen a good one thats why i am going to pay:p
  5. just go to the theater dude its worth it, it was hilarious if your stoned you'll laugh threw the whole movie, the dialogue is great and the acting is awesome, great chemistry between the 3 guys
  6. best movie ever!
  7. saw it last night and I havta say that its probably the funniest movie ive ever seen. definitely worth the $10.
  8. I saw it last night. The theater was PACKED but it was priceless.

    For everything else there's master card.

    McLovin, "that sounds like a SEXY hamburger" lmaoooo
  9. I saw it at the theatre friday night. Was definitely worth it. Theatre was packed and the movie kicked ass.
  10. Funniest movie i've seen in a long time.....I laughed through the whole movie

  11. same here.. I loved it, Did you guys know that it took 10 years to make.. the guys starting writing it in highschool.


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