Super Ultra Stealth New Age Slpoof?

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  1. Okay so Im new and hopefully this is in the right spot but i had an idea and was wondering what anyone thought. So to be able to smoke indoors without any smell, i though that i can make a contraption where you blow the smoke into a container such as a bottle or jar filled with water. Just imagine the flow of smoke through a bong but in the opposite direction. Through the bowl and stem into the water. Now I know your thinking that wont eliminate smoke smell just like a bong doesn't. I know. So i thought maybe you could put one of those fish tank air pumps into the container. Like the kind that looks like a sponge and blows the air bubbles back up through a tube. Maybe i'm too high but i was hoping the air pump would absorb the smoke that you just blew into the water and then send it up a long tube which you could extend out wherever you please such as out a window or into another regular sploof or even a sploof filled with activated carbon. I have this vision in my head but i dont know if it would work. What do you guys think?

  2. Why don't you just use only the activated carbon like everybody else. All that shit to go through is too much of a buzzkill, if you have to be that careful then your probably living with your parents
  3. lmao. i think i see what your saying..but would the water be necessary? just have a tube to blow it out the window if thats what you're trying to get at.. like you said the water won't do anything for the smell.. so i think its pointless?

    or you can just be easy and make a sploof like we all did when we were 14. tp tube and dryer sheets....

    or go outside if you can't smoke inside

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    doobtubes are for chickens bok bok bokka wokka. jk jk

    Why are you trying to make a better one? If it isn't broke don't fix it.Forget innovative ideas it is just a doob tube.One guy mentioned a carbon filter.See if you can make one of those.
  5. Smoke outside. It's better anyway.
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    What about one of those camelback backpacks with the long straw and waters sack in the back? Wouldn't it be sick to fill up that water bag with like sploof material so you could just walk around and blow into the straw? It'd be great for parties when you don't want to smell the house up or irritate anyone. Idk. :high:
  7. So new age cool!
  8. I like you highdea but it's not a good one lol just go buy a sploof. I made a vacuum type device that would blow the smoke outside my window it worked very well but it wasn't worth the time I spent on it.

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  9. Get a vape pen. Smells for a minute. I go grocery shopping while hitting my oil
  10. The elaborate smoke water filtered pump contraption part of your sploof is absolutly pointless if its just going to be blowing the smoke outside or into a charcoal filter. lol

    Paper towel roll with dryer sheets works fine if you change the sheets weekly, or a smoke buddy

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