super troopers

Discussion in 'General' started by BillyBongThortn, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. what a great movie! [​IMG]
  2. VERY good movie...
  3. awesome movie. meow i have to watch it.
  4. CHickenFuckER!!!!

    aha that was sum funny shizz, i saw it for the first time last night
  5. super troopers was named stoner movie of the year in High Times
  6. damn i have saw that 6 times this week!
  7. Deff. a good movie.. I like the part when they jack that awsome cop car and get high off the NOS.. Funny as hell... :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. I thought it was funny as hell. Not as good as half baked though.:)
  9. "you know how fast you were going, meow?"

  10. I am all that is man!


    Who wants a mustache ride?

  11. exactly.

  12. eck! I beg to differ. I cant get enough of super troopers. I bid on it on ebay about a week ago, and the dude has YET to send it. BAH!
    BUT lucky me, its on cinemax today! YAY! I cant wait! 430, here I come, on the red eye! ;) :D

  13. and my brother have it on "Remind" to watch today :D
  14. YAY! lol, its like ive been going through withdraw from the last time I saw it! im sooooo ready. well not yet, but in about 26 minutes, Ill be ready ;) :smoking:
  15. The intro is the greatest. Where the guy that says "candy bars" is all screwed up in the backseat of the cop car. :)

    funny funny movie.

  16. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!....
  17. Littering and littering and littering and and and littering littering and and littering and smoking the reefer!
  19. I just got back from a session/viewing of super troopers. I loved it.
  20. "who wants a moustache ride?"

    "i do i do!"


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