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  1. So I stupidly told my mom that I enjoyed smoking the occasional pot, and at first she was cool about it but a few days later talked to me really worried, and treated me as a junkie, stupid addict. Her view towards is the main reason weed is so far from legalization in my country, people see it as something worse than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, and associate it with getting into "drugs" in general and eventually leading to hard drugs when, and I'm quoting her here: "Weed runs out."

    So I just told her I'd stop smoking weed since it's more important for me what my mom thinks of me than it is to toke.

    At least while I live under the same ceiling as her.

    I guess it's kind of good for me to prove myself I can stop whenever I want, but it will be shitty going to parties or hanging out and not being able to toke the magic plant.

    Anyways, for those of you whose parents know you toke, how did they react? For those whose parents do not know, how do you think they would react?
  2. My dad accepted it and said it was my choice.
    My mom said I was endangering myself and others and I had no right to do such a terrible thing.

    They still think the same way
  3. I don't have the balls to tell my parents. They know my siblings have/do and my dad only cares because its illegal and doesn't want them getting arrested. My mom on the other hand hates it and has threatened to call child protective services on my brother because he smoked and has children. I think she would have too if he didn't tell her he'd quit.

    The other day I was arguing with her about legalization and she's pro-medical but for some reason thinks it's wrong to smoke recreationally and people should just relax with a beer. I'll never understand that logic.
  4. When my dad caught me smoking he didn't care and neither did my mom. Both of them smoked when they were younger so I was kind of expecting that type of reaction. In fact, just two nights ago I smoked a few bowls with my dad. That's a very interesting experience to say the least!
  5. My dad doesn't let me keep it in the house, so I leave it in and smoke it in the shed. My mom loans me money sometimes when Im out and accepts it. I offer them both the chance to toke with me, but they never take me up on it. My dad tries to enforce stupid rules like that and that I cant shower with my girlfriend in the house, but my mom knows me better i guess. Understands me better I mean.

  6. You can't shoot off fireworks in the house too huh?
  7. lmao my mum said some stupid shit too when i first got caught
  8. do we have the same parents?
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    I would never tell my parents because I'm 18, it's none of their business.

    but if I did tell them, they'd react negatively. my mom would probably cry or something and my dad would kick me out . lol
  10. [quote name='"Mudd"']

    You can't shoot off fireworks in the house too huh?[/quote]

    That be a joke? Actually we do light fireworks in the house...
  11. had my dad watch 'the union: the truth behind getting high' and after I let him know I had been smoking weed for 3 years and he was actually pretty shocked.

    I explained that I had driven with him while high, had intellectual conversations with him while high, I drove high, went to school high, went to work high, and smoked pretty much every day and he just looked at me like I was lying.

    He kept saying "Theres no way! you had to be stealing money then to be smoking all this time" he accused me of stealing to supply my drug needs and then he told me how if u get high you cant have sex unless u get high or its just not as fun and you wont want too lol.. that and it messes up ur view for when ur driving :rolleyes: but after it all he said it was my choice and not to bring it in the house.

    He still freaks about it every now and then like I went to my sisters house yesterday and the first thing he says is "Don't be driving if your gonna be doing any of that stuff" just stupid shit like that which isnt that bad.. he never likes talking about it but when he does its like I cant said the word "weed" without it becoming super weird.. he told me not to tell him about it and to keep it behind closed doors which I think it retarded because we live alone and no one is gonna know but me and him and yet he still wants to be the "good parent" so he doesn't want to know about it so he can still deny it if anyone ask lol.
  12. Boom... yeah man, gotta respect the 'rents if you're living in their place. Or not... your choice. I would if I were you.

    At first, when I was in high school, my parents thought it was horrible that I occasionally got high. Then, once I graduated with high honors ( :p no pun intended) and got into college and continued getting grades, whilst smoking daily, they eased up.. realized that it's all about how you handle your priorities and shit.
  13. That's what I tried to tell her...

    It wasn't related but my grades went up a lot in the same year I started smoking weed.
  14. Weed is a human right. I respect your view of not wanting to hurt your mom on the matter. But it does seem like she's pulling the "I'm worried about you" talk. My mom was the same way at first, she said she didn't like me smoking but I still maintained good grades in school and she just stopped bitching at one point and then I turned into a full on smoke my bong in front of her lol.
  15. yes it was a joke frito banditooooo
  16. [quote name='"Mudd"']

    yes it was a joke frito banditooooo[/quote]

    Lololol k. Awesome pic BTW.
  17. Last night was the first night of my tolerance break and the first night in 4 months I haven't smoked. All day I've wanted to punch ugly hoes on TV for some reason hahaha
  18. You simply need to convince her that smoking can be a good thing. This is not easy, and for some moms not possible.

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