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  1. I have grown outdoors a few times but never indoors. I recieved the two seed i ordered from attitude. One Black Diesel and one Pineapple express. The first pic is some supplies 2 28 gal buckets and some ff happy frod and potting soil with worm castings and bat guano. 2nd is the seeds. and third is my outside girl in 2nd week of flower. Starting to germinate the seeds tonite so ill have more pics soon.

    ps i have an aera 3x5x9tall
    160 watts of t12and 2 100 lighthouse led ufos


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  2. right on good luck bro, id be excited to, actually i am i have another order on the way from

    take a look at my grow in my sig, you can see what the pineapple will look like, its a beautiful plant
  3. Thanks man i took a look and those aresome hot lookin ladies
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    Nice dude, what are you using for air exchange? Do you have more then two seeds? With only two you could get 100% males easy.

    Subbed, very interested in watching the LEDs, good luck dude!

    Edit: you may want to add some perlite to the fox farm original for drainage. Most people use the ocean blend for indoors it has some sea critters the original but it also has perlite which makes it drain better. You may also want to add some dolomite lime to the soil before planting to keep your ph in check.
  5. i am up for ideas on the air exchange ant he seeds i got are feminized

  6. good call on the fem seeds. You cant clone them though so if you want to take clones or have a mother plant eventually you need to get reg seeds or clones from a non-fem plant.

    as far as air exchange goes, whats the grow room like? can you cut into walls for exhaust? do you need to cover up smell?
  7. its like 3x6x9 ft tall in an outside shed. i probly can put vents thru the back wall and not to awefully worried bout the smell
  8. Is there a specific way you gotta send cash through to a seedbank? really need to know. i already got it wrapped up in brown paper and I wrote the order # down on a separate piece paper.
  9. It's not nice to thread jack and I saw the other thread where your doing the same thing it's rude, now grow up and get a debit card or a prepaid card never a good idea to just send cash the people can just say they never received it unless you send it certified or whatever its called.;)
  10. I know its extremely noobish to do that, but I already ordered with cash.
  11. So contact them to fix the order and change payment options duh
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    Ok. If I were you I'd put the vents on he roof unless your confident no one will stumble upon the exhaust. It might be sketchy if someone finds air being pumped out of a shed. As far as fans go I'd look at this


    Just use that to pump air put then make a passive intake using some 6 inch right angle PVC joints like this

    Also what state are you in? Being in a shed it may be hard to keep your temp @ 80. Also be sure you don't have any light leaks. When your veging. Your lights will be on when the sun is down so if your shed is leaking any light it may be seen by people.
  13. sweet thanks for the link thats a nice fan for a nice price. and yeah im in fl so its hot as hell. its gonna be almost like a tent in a shed
  14. im contimplating waiting a month so its a little cooler but i would like a good christmas. lol
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    Get an air conditioner. You can run it on a moderate setting. And start growing asap
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    I'm subb'd. I'd like to see an LED+ T12 journal. I'm also using LEDs. ;)
    Lighthouse Hydroponics/Blackstar LEDs are a great economical choice for anyone interested in LEDs. :) I have the 2011 240w Blackstar VEG/CLONE model and I am super happy with it.
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    Why you can't take clones from a plant that came from feminized seeds? It would guarantee that your clone is female and isn't that what we all want?

    No one wants a clone of a plant that isn't female... unless they are breeding.
  18. Clearly you've had a little to much weed. Clones from a non-fem plant really? A female is a female doesn't matter what seed it came from.
  19. wow...that is a treat to look at.

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