Super stealth cab - aiming for a perfect setup

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    Hey growers :wave:
    First post oohh yeahhh.. Ive been lurking and reading most of the threads on this section, always nice to read up on everyones grows :) Such a great forum guys, best micro one out there
    so.. Opinions, help, input, ect is all welcome :) so let me know what you think
    Background - beginning of this year, small cab built to start the ladies before i guerilla'd them outside this summer, all went well :) but that eagerness to build fantastic stealthy ways to take it in doors is what its all about ;)
    The plan is to build one of two things, initially i was going to build a speaker encloser (car speakers wired to my hifi) approx 60cm height x 50cm wide x 25cm deep. However, i need a bigger desk for work in my room, so im planning to build one myself, with a cupboard underneathTo the left of the desk , however, only half will be a cupboard, the back part will have a light proof lockable door, concealing my super stealth grow :) dimensions 74cm height x 55cm wide x 25cm deep..
    Building this stuff isnt exactly new to me, my current speaker box im tempted to use as a bonzai mother room.. My older dresser cab (bottom three draws, the top two were still usable) i will put back to normal as i dont exactly need it.. So yeah building the desk will be fine :)

    Some stats for you guys:
    Light - 125watt cfl envirolight, i love these, so bright, not too much heat
    Soil - biobizz light mix
    Strain - well ive got a few left from summer which i didnt use, pineapple express by g13 labs has the shortest flowering period of them (the others are 14weeks.. Long!). I will lst or scrog one in the cab
    Hmm what else.. Fans - 14cm,12cm, 2x 8cm computer fans. Electronic temp monitor
    So thats the stuff i already have.. Gotta fix up the desk and built in growcab, make some diy carbon filters, the pen pot style ones..
    Passive Intake - two 24cm 'louvers' stuck back to back, prevents light leakage pretty well

    So yeah, ill attach some CAD drawings in another post, so you guys get an idea :)
    So things ive found easy before is light leakage, soundless cab, optimum temp.. But, as ill be flowering in it, smell is going to be the biggie..
    Any input on the layout, design or number of diy carbon filters would be muuuuch appreciated.. :hello: esspecially if any of you have used them with pc fans before :)
    Should get it built within a week or two :) ill keep you all up to date if you are interested :wave:
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    Bad picture but you get the idea.. I took the hidden door and desk top off to show the inside.. Cfl is the long tube, the two other cylinders are carbon filters..

    Im curious of the ideal placement and style of the carbon filters really, trying to Keep everything in the cab.. But keep it efficiently venting the air, and scrubbing it.. I may need three CF filters/fans if heat is a problem.. Ill also use ona blocks :)
    Any usefull tips on the Ventilation?
  3. heat rises, so the top of the box would be an ideal location for the scrubber?

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