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Super Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bonehead77777, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Buddy hooked me up with some Super Sour Diesel. He bought a ton of it so he hooked me up 5 grams for 40. Great deal

  2. looks mad dank, great price dude enjoy
  3. Thats a great price for some kill like that.:eek:less then 10 a g.
  4. god damn you got hooked up
  5. holy fuck.
  6. Great pick up, great deal
  7. awesome price man! have fun smoking that!
  8. looks delicious :smoke:
  9. Nice, chunky ass nugs. Thats what I like to see. +Rep.:smoke:
  10. Looks soooooo delicous, i can taste it through the screen ..
  11. Fuckin' A. Central Florida buddha prices are fucking killing me right now after seeing this.
  12. great deal nice buds, but what the hell is "super" sour diesel...looks like normal dank bud to me...haha
  13. This. What exactly makes a strain "super".

  14. It sounds like a play on the popular strain name, Super Silver Haze.
  15. 5 grams for $40?

    You got hooked up. 1.6gs or so for 40 round these parts.
  16. I thought it might have been a cross with SSH maybe, wouldn't be a bad idea at all! And the price doesn't make the bud super, does a 40 oz of shwag make that bud super =P just messin though is it crossed with someting else like a Diesel with the SSH?

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