Super sour diesel lineage?

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  1. Does anyone know the "real" lineage of super sour diesel? I've heard three different things. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. i got "chemdog" genetics from a "friend" and when i researched the strain for info i remember reading a couple different excerpts from random sites claiming chemdog was crossed with another strain (can't remember what) to produce the first diesel strain. im not saying this has any credibility or merit but i thought i'd throw it out there for ya.

    maybe try to reverse track it. try googlin chemdog im sure you'll find the same pages i did. from there you can find if it really helped produce the first diesel. from there you can find what they crossed the original diesel to get your supers, sours, NYs, and what ever else they made in a lab.

    good luck. hope you get the info you want
  3. The most common mix I've seen is NYC x super skunk. But I've also seen NYC x og kush and ec x og kush. Idk...?
  4. I can't tell you about Super Sour Diesel but my guess wuld be that it's a cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel has been my favorite strain for a few years, ever since I first smoked, wow, the best :D

    I read this article in High Times a few years ago. I've been looking for it all day and finally found it on top of my TV :rolleyes:. Here's a snippet.

    High Times, May 2006 -

    CSI: Cannabis Strain Investigation
    Story By Donny Danko

    In search of Chemdog - the legendary strain that's spawned numerous award-winning children, including East Coast Sour Diesel and, allegedly, California's OG Kush.

    Anyone who's smoked Sour Diesel in New York or OG Kush in California can clearly tell that the two are related. But which came first, and when? The mystery welcomes many hazy and dubious esplanations from both coasts, but the truth just may be that another strain altogether, hailing from midwestern Massachusetts, precedes them all and unites them in "herban legend".

    Many have heard the fables of the Kush and the Diesel, but few know that both strains share a parent in Chemdog (a.k.a. Chemdawg, the Dog, Headband, Snowdog). Even fewer know that the original Chemdog is stronger, easier to grow and even more flavorful than any of its offspring.

    I recently made contact with Chemdog, who calls himself by the name of the cannabis variety he's been growing ever since a chance encounter in Deer Creek, IN, while on Grateful Dear tour in 1991. This story, like many others, is difficult to substantiate, yet certain indisputable facts remain.

    After taking a puff of what turned out to be the best cannabis he'd ever tasted, Chemdog begged the man who had it, J.B., for a hookup. The buds cost $500 per ounce - an enormous sum at the time - but he ponied up the cash and received a box containing three pounds of Chemdog nuggets direct from Crested Butte, CO. To his surprise and delight, he found a handful of seeds inside this package of perfect pot. From those original 12 magical beans, he produced a number of phenotypes and crosses that rival the best bud in the world.

    Chemdog planted three seeds, and two of them came up female. One pheno, Chem A, was dubbed Chemdog, and the other, Chem B, became The Sister. Both feature a unique taste: lemony and pungent, with a powerful high that literally brought me to one knee during our particularly heavy puffing session.

    Joint after cigar-sized joint circulated as Chemdog and his buddy Mr. I went over their timeline with me, trying to recall specifics. A buddy moved west to Lake Tahoe around 1994 with a cut of Chemdog, which he renamed OG Kush. It quickly spread up and down the West Coast. Another group of friends in New York City crossed their Chemdog clone with a Mass Superskunk, originally from Sensei Seeds, and dubbed it Sour Diesel - and thus a delivery-service legend was born. Every few years, Chemdog starts another seed from the original 12 and several interesting phenos, including Superdog and Bubble Chem, prove that the man has really won the cannabis genetics lottery.....

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