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  1. I am super new to using weed. I knew I was going to have a hard time smoking, so I got a vape. I got the Arizer Extreme q 4.0. First time I used it, not much happened. I did some researching and found that I did not grind the weed enough. So, I tried again last night. This time, I set the temp to 210C (recommended online somewhere), let the weed warm up there for 10 minutes, turned the fan on til I saw some vapor coming out and attached the bag. I took a hit, and it made my throat burn SO bad and I couldn't stop coughing. I drank a lot of water and it wasn't much better. I waited a while and took another big hit, same thing happened. I got a little bit high, but my throat was so sore that it wasn't that fun and then I just got really tired. I live in CA with a MMJ recommendation and was vaping a strain called Blue Dream. So, I have a few questions:
    1) Is the sore throat just the way it is with vaping? It wasn't just that it was dry, it was dry and very sore, like I had been screaming for an extended period or something. Is there anything I can do to keep that from happening?
    2) Was the tiredness just part of the high? I was told that the Blue Dream strain wouldn't make me tired. Does the tiredness mean that I needed to smoke more (I only did two big hits off the bag), or does it mean that I need to try a new strain?

    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. No, thats not normal at all, vaping is usually quite gentle on your throat, only hurts if you take a huge rip, and even then its nothing like smoking.

    Did you let the unit run at full temp for 30 mins first? You have to burn off some oils from the heating element, so that would be my guess.
    Also you don't need to let the bud heat up for 10 min, 1 or 2 mins should be plenty, just let the unit heat up before you put the bud on it.
    The tiredness could be the strain, or whatever you inhaled if you didn't do the 30 minute burn. Vaping is like smoking when it comes to strains, some get you tired, some dont, but I find I generally get less tired with my vape at lower settings, and at high settings you may get more help sleeping.

    Here is a vid that may help:
    [ame=]‪How to Use Instructions by Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control Vaporizer‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Did you let all the pieces sit on the vape for 10-15 minutes when you first opened it if not there will still be chemical residue on the tubes and shit.

    First time I hit my arizer extreme q v4 i didnt let them cook and i just had a blue dot in the middle of my vision for like 10 minutes, was really fucked up.
  4. That's fucked^^.

    To the OP: you might just have a little throat infection or a raw throat from something (do you get post-nasal drip maybe?). Sometimes when I'm a little bit sick, even if my throat feels fine, when I smoke it'll get really irritated.
  5. That has happened to me before while using a volcano.

    It might have irritated an already inflamed throat.
  6. try the whip, and take lighter puffs perhaps? and always have a glass of water at the ready...
  7. i run mine through a blackleaf nautilus and it makes the hits really smooth. if you pack the elbow it ll def make a hit strong enough to leave you coughing. my arizer kicks my ass and can make me cough so badly on 210. great high though , i love mine the things great.
  8. Yea did you try vaporbonging yet? Try using a small waterpipe with an 18.8mm joint. The Q's elbows fit perfectly.

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