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  1. Im using subcools recipe and have all the ingredient's cooking for the last month.The only ingredient that alluded me up until now is the powdered humic acid.Can any one tell me by adding it late will i have to let it cook longer or can i start my transplanting a few days after i add it and mix it .thanks
  2. I may be wrong, but you're not planting directly into his super soil are you? He says that his mix is too hot to plant directly in and, as a result, you need to fill the top half of your hole or container with something less 'hot.'

    I could be wrong, but this is what I gathered from his YouTube Video and his other posts.
  3. No im not lol. i have pre mixed my soil but havent got the humic powder yet and was wondering if i could add it at any time or do i have to let it cook as well.being its not a fert and is an acid im figuring i can. Thanks though man im following his recomendataion to the T (except for adding the humic acid lol :rolleyes: ) my base is roots organics.
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    he recommends remixing it anyway,add it then.he also doesn't say what or a name brand,i would like to try this soil,but am stumped what to use.i can find humic acid with other stuff,like kelp,fulvics,ect.
    what gets me about his soil is he uses no kelp,or potassium suppliment,unless i'm not seeing it.
  5. no, you shouldn't need to let it cook again.

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