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  1. Finally decided to ditch the nutrients. Mixed up my first batch of super soil couple weeks ago. Was told to wait 30 days before planting. I'm in a pinch on time and need plant sooner...Is this possible? Longest I could stretch is 2.5 weeks. Read mixed reviews on this. Don't want to kill the plants. Looking for any input. Thanks
  2. You could start with a decent bagged "seed starter" mix, or make one depending on what you used to build your "supersoil" and whether or not you have any materials left over from your initial build.

    Either way, by the time your plants are ready for transplant your "supersoil" will be finished cycling and your seedlings will have a well developed root structure that shouldn't be adversely affected by a "richer" soil mix.
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  3. thank you. I have my clones already in 18oz cups. The roots are already very established. I'm worried they will be affected if I leave them in too much longer. Don't think I can keep them in there 2 more weeks.
  4. you think if the roots are good I'll be safe to transplant into the supersoil?
  5. Well it really depends on what went into your soil mix. If you used the standard SubCool mix, I'd definitely wait the full 30 days. I'd say at this point that your well rooted clones are safe to transplant into something like FF Ocean Forest/Happy Frog, or the like utilizing 1 gallon pots.

    That should sustain healthy growth for at least a month.

    If you've mixed your soil as directed around this forum, I think you're safe to plant in your own soil now.

    Just remember not to overwater while your clones get established in your new soil, whichever kind it might be. Hand crafted soils tend to retain much more water for longer periods of time compared to your standard bagged fare...
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  6. thank you my friend for the honest answer. I did use the subcool mix. I was thinking of repotting just didn't want to. Looks like that is safest . thanks again
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