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  1. Hey everyone so I'm wanting to make the switch over to a super soil or use dry ammendments on this run I usually use bottled nutes general hydroponics to be specific and I'm wanting to make the switch to more of an organic feed the soil type of go I'd like to do living soil but it doesn't have to be any advice would be great

    Currently in happy frog soil I'd love to use Gaia green as I watch alot of Canucks but shipping is pretty wild and I'm growing more than just a few plants

    Thanks in advance! Happy growing! 20220922_144807.jpg

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    If you want to be cost efficient and produce higher quality soil, go to your closest organic garden store. Get peat moss, organic compost, perlite and a variety of amendments. Head over to the Easy Organic Soil Mix For Beginners thread and check out the recipe for an idea of what kind of ratios to use. Don't be afraid to ask questions in that thread and the Organic Marijuana Growing sub-forum, friendly knowledgeable people hang out in that section. I also recommend investing in some worms down the road.
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  3. Your plants are not receiving enough light/airflow, they shouldn't need any support at this stage. They should look more like this.
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  4. Is that one shot on top of your soil?
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  5. Often I have gnats, so I top dress with sharp sand
  6. I used to use gnat nix but then I learned gnats are a me problem, not a weed problem.
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  7. My go to site for all organic gardening amendments is rockymountain bioag. They have everything you need for fair prices/shipping and their customer service is superb.
    The Soil Makers are awesome for things like rock dusts, gypsum, etc....the heavy items. They have free shipping for many minerals that would cost insane prices for freight.
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  8. I’m checking those out! I’ve been using Concentrates Inc out of Portland.
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