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  1. Hi guys I have been growing in coco for a while and I'm kinda getting sick of mixing up nutrients every 2 days as I'm watering by hand since auto watering seems like a waste of water. I am using a complete set of "medical grade" coco nutrients (Sensi Pro Bio Diesel) and I'm sorta happy with the results but I wanna get onto super soil as it seems to be a bit less trouble.

    I had a look around australian websites but I cant find any super soil brands besides OGS super soil compost which is relying on teas for flowering and veg nutrients which is what I'm trying to get out of.

    I'm looking for a super soil that is available in the australian market or to even make one something that hasnt got to do much with tea's, i can just water by hand and top dress or mix in the soil the extra amendments depending on stage of growth and way of usage.

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  2. I DO KNOW you are looking for a "super soil" of sorts...........but just to throw it out can adjust your auto watering system as to where you don't have such a "waste"............
  3. I highly suggest heading over to our own Organic Growing subforum - you’ll get the answers you’re looking for there.

    Many of us make our own organic soils which require no added anything besides water and can be used over and over again.

    Here - Growing Organic Marijuana

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