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Discussion in 'General' started by xxspeakxx, May 24, 2013.

  1. So I went to help a friend with some yard work (keep in mind my friends are twice my age) and he has this chick that's staying with him. 
    Me and this chick are chilling in the garage sharing a spliff and a bowl and getting baked. My buddy had to go run an errand so it's just the two of us there. Now this girl is a SEXY as milf. 
    Anyway after we've gotten to know each other and a little bit of flirting I bust out with...
    "Feel free to say no to this, but just wondering if you wanna make out a little"
    To which she responded with laughter and than awkward silence.
    Just call me Mr. Suave.

  2. So what happened next? Did you two make out?
  3. No... No we did not.
  4. Damn... what a bummer. 
    Well, better luck next time! 
  5. Well, that didn't escalate very much at all.
  6. You must get laid a lot
  7. At least you had the balls to ask though man.
  8. hahaha this motha fucka right here.
    Yo you know she wants the d
  9. Be proud, 95% of men on this forum are probably to pussy to pull that move.
    haha totally. She's just playing hard to get.

  11. lol has that moved ever worked before?
  12. actually yeah it has a couple of times. 
  13. Good try though [:

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